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The paper "Dynamics between Family Members in Hamlet" states that Shakespeare has managed to berate most of the familial characteristics, ‎making this seem more like a drama than a tragedy. In the end, it brings nothing ‎but loss to all the characters, important or not…
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Dynamics between Family Members in Hamlet
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Download file to see previous pages The important thing ‎to see is the relationship between all the family members involved, which more or ‎less is the basic fundamental storyline of the entire play. Not one single ‎relationship seems stable, whether it is mother or son, husband or wife or uncle ‎and nephew. Everyone is just keeping up appearances, planning against each ‎other which ultimately lead them to their destruction. It goes to show how blood ‎and water really have no difference when people form their own agendas. ‎Without a doubt, the entire course of actions could have been altered had a single ‎relation shown a bit of the caliber that was required of someone in that ‎arrangement. ‎
Hamlet seems to be extraordinarily close to his father because even when ‎members of the court have stopped mourning the death of the king, Hamlet is ‎unable to let go. His mental stature is so deeply worn by this broken bond that he ‎keeps seeing his father’s ghost which tells him he did not die a natural death but ‎was actually killed by his uncle Claudius, the King’s brother. Reading between the ‎lines, it seems Hamlet’s inner nature did not trust his uncle in the first place and ‎his instincts were telling him that Claudius was behind this heinous crime. ‎Throughout, he does not vocally blame Claudius and keeps his thoughts to ‎himself, planning to take vengeance when the time is appropriate. He also ‎believes his uncle cannot rise up to the stature of his father, as he says: “So ‎excellent a king: that was to this, Hyperion to a satyr.” (Act 1, Scene 2) He ‎compares his father, a God, to Claudius as an evil animal (Greenblatt, 2002, p.227).‎ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dynamics between Family Members in Hamlet Research Paper. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/literature/1600981-choose-one-of-the-following-questions-your-essay-should-contain-a-rigorous-argument-that-avoids-generalisations-and-that-focuses-on-one-of-the-following-plays-oedipus-the-king-dr-faustus-or-hamlet-emphasis-will-be-placed-on-a-close-reading-of-the-t
(Dynamics Between Family Members in Hamlet Research Paper)
Dynamics Between Family Members in Hamlet Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/literature/1600981-choose-one-of-the-following-questions-your-essay-should-contain-a-rigorous-argument-that-avoids-generalisations-and-that-focuses-on-one-of-the-following-plays-oedipus-the-king-dr-faustus-or-hamlet-emphasis-will-be-placed-on-a-close-reading-of-the-t.
“Dynamics Between Family Members in Hamlet Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/literature/1600981-choose-one-of-the-following-questions-your-essay-should-contain-a-rigorous-argument-that-avoids-generalisations-and-that-focuses-on-one-of-the-following-plays-oedipus-the-king-dr-faustus-or-hamlet-emphasis-will-be-placed-on-a-close-reading-of-the-t.
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