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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play that reminds readers that human beings are susceptible to change. If there is any character in the play whose character changed during the course of the play, it is definitely John Proctor…
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Download file to see previous pages John Proctor is the tragic hero of The Crucible as he was faced with series of challenges and trials. John Proctor was initially depicted as an upright man that had no flaw in him. Readers would soon begin to realize that he was not a saint as he lust after Abigail Williams and this seemed to be his undoing in the play. Thus, an upright man at the beginning of the play became a man that was somewhat unfaithful to his partner towards the middle of the play.
John Proctor’s lust for Abigail later developed into an adulterous relationship with the lady. John’s lust developed into adultery and he had to denounce his adulterous affair with Abigail at the Salem trial in order to exonerate his wife from the witchcraft allegations that were leveled against her. “I have seen too many frightful proofs in court - the Devil is alive in Salem, and we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing finger points!” (Miller 68). The foregone quotation showed the allayed fears of people about the issues in Salem. The character of John could also be likened to the heat container that was forged by fire as he had to humble himself by confessing his sins before the trials. “I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs. Give them no tear! ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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