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The crucible by arthur miller, John Proctor's diary - Coursework Example

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I repented for my sins and moved on with my life. But Elizabeth continues to hold on to it. Today, I and Elizabeth had a fight. She particularly pressurized me to reveal to the court that Abigail is spreading lies. Before I…
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The crucible by arthur miller, John Proctors diary
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Download file to see previous pages It is already night and that is when Reverend Hale came to my house. While Hale was investigating our role in the witchcraft, the court’s clerk named Cheever was at my doorstep. As soon as I saw him, I became nervous and feared that something wrong is about to happen to me. However, when he demanded to see Elizabeth, accusing her of being involved in the crime of witchcraft, my fear got heightened. I also become very concerned. I could not believe that even a simple doll would be used against Elizabeth. She got frightened and is drowned in tears. The plight of my children without their mother crossed my mind and made me more anxious and scared. I was guilt ridden as well. I felt that I could have talked about Abigail’s lies and her wrong intentions in the court earlier itself. I went back further down the memory lane and felt I could have surely avoided the affair with this questionable woman. But, I felt that I cannot be weakened by her arrest. Instead, as she gave me a goodbye and left the house, I had sworn to myself that I will protect her and will not allow anything bad happen to her.
I reached the court to show to the world that Abigail is coming up with these false accusations against my wife due to her vengeance against me. I thought that if I could first prove to Governor Danforth that all accusations of witchcraft are false than half of our battle is won. At the same time, I understood that it is not an easy task to complete. I feared that the village people have already idealized these “afflicted” girls. Considering this challenge, I even brought Mary Warren to reveal the lies of those girls before the court. However, all these plans of mine were spoiled by the girls who started accusing Mary Warren of witchcraft. Aye, it is all lies. But, I was shocked and helpless when Mary also started accusing me of being a witch along with my wife. Hearing this accusation, I was so angry and at the same time felt hapless. I felt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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