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In this act, Reverend Parris was kneeling praying in his daughter’s bed. His daughter is in the unresponsive state. There are rumors that Betty‘s status has been caused by witchcraft. Parris wants Reverend…
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The Crucibale
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Extract of sample "The Crucibale"

The Crucible The extract is part of the act one of Miller’s play Crucible. In this act, Reverend Parris was kneeling praying in his daughter’s bed. His daughter is in the unresponsive state. There are rumors that Betty‘s status has been caused by witchcraft. Parris wants Reverend John Hale, expert of witchcraft to go to examine Betty’s condition. Parris berates Abigail because he discovers that she had spent the previous night dancing, and she assumes to have used witchcraft. Abigail denies the claim. Parris fears that Betty‘s condition may be used to get him out of church ministerial position. Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, fires Abigail her worker, who has fallen in love with her husband, and this makes Elizabeth to send her away. Abigail wants John back and blames Elizabeth for being a witch.
The relevance of this extract is that it incorporates several themes in the play. One of the themes is authority. Reverend Parris is depicted as an authoritative man in Salem. Parris is supplanted when Reverend Hale derives power from books and learning. The theme of Sin and Guilt has also been highlighted. Proctor is haunted by fear caused by his infidelity. Reverend Hale put efforts to undermine the court he has assisted create a solution for his sins.
Self-interest is a theme that comes out clearly. Abigail begins the condition of hysteria when she finds it a good way to deflect attention from the sins she commits. She accuses Elizabeth to protect herself.
Reputation is another theme highlighted. Witchcraft is used to elevate individual from low status to high status. John Proctor reputation in Salem fades; he is an adulterer, he falls in love with Abigail and he is married.
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