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It focuses on the development of the main character, change and the happy ending of the book. Zits in this story is a15-year-old narrator who has attempted to accept the negative name that has been given to him…
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The novel Flight by Sherman Alexie
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You’re (Due Flights by Sherman Alexie This paper gives insights into the novel, Flights by Sherman Alexie. It focuses on the development of the main character, change and the happy ending of the book. Zits in this story is a15-year-old narrator who has attempted to accept the negative name that has been given to him the society.
The development of the main character is earned and deserved. Zits was able to come back to his senses and to an unforeseen redemption. He has changed from the old street kid who was in and out of jail and detention centers. He has developed and learned from each of his experiences that it is futile to seek revenge. He has also learned how betrayal can make one lonely and that every person hurts when they are neglected. Generally, the development of the main character is earned; he has taken a self discovery journey that led him to recognize who he really is, and thus began to care about his self (Sherman, 54).
Yes, the change in Zits is believable; his life experiences thought him and developed him to be the Zits he is now. It is a changed that all readers and especially the adolescents should believe in. Zits was fond of getting arrested, and he was regularly sent to juvenile jail for various crimes he committed at various occasions. He has stolen cars, committed arson and got drunk with street Indians in Seattle when he was just twelve years old. The turning point was when he met his father, and realizes that his father hates himself. He learned that his father was suffering from loneliness and abandonment because his father made him to believe he was worthless and he himself was afraid being a father. It is from this instance that he learned to shut down the negative attitude, and develop positively. At the end, he understood that one ends up being empty if he or she is filled with hate.
The happy ending is deserved and earned. Zits was on a self discovery journey that enabled him to know his real self through criminal experience. It is deserved because Zits was able to do away with the feeling that he was unworthy (Sherman, 35). Zits had been made to believe that was not worthy, and this prompted to engage in various criminal activities that led him discover himself. The reader feels happy that Zits learned that, if he could not love anyone, he could not be hurt, and that if he could not trust anyone, then he could never be betrayed.
The happy ending of the book is satisfactory. After reading through all the life experience that Zits has gone through, it deserves a happy ending. It is satisfactory because the character was able to realize that he could end up empty if he continued with the hated he had. He was able to learn how to shun the feelings of unworthiness and not feel the same after that.
perhaps the main reason for revealing his real name is to emphasis that, what happened to Zits can as well happens to any individual (Sherman, 123). He has reclaimed his named so as to associate himself with the character’s experience, and, better still, to make readers understand that such an experience could happen to anyone, and not only to street children that needs to be corrected.
This changed is very important, especially to the adolescents who have self negative attitudes. The change makes one understands that, if one is filed with hate, he or she would end up being empty. It is also apparent that, one end up alone if he or she push everyone away, and that revenge turns one into the individuals one is seeking revenge against. The change is a very good example to the whole society in understanding that individuals can change no matter what they engage in.
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Sherman, A. Flight. Canada : Black Cat Press. (2007). Print. Read More
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The Novel Flight by Sherman Alexie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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