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Cultural Background and Its Effect on American Indian Authors - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Cultural Background and its effect on American Indian Authors Introduction Cultural differences play a critical role in the growth of any society. It is responsible for positively supporting or breaking a society. Cultural identity refers to a person’s behavior towards a given cluster…
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Cultural Background and Its Effect on American Indian Authors
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Download file to see previous pages American Indian Authors 1. Alexie The American Indian author Alexie Sherman was conceived in a small town, in Wellpinit, Washington. His year of birth was in 1966. He has received innumerable awards for his legendary work and printed a miscellany of poems. Alexie has written and critically analyzed the influence of cultural themes impacts to the society. He profoundly supported the efforts the Indian Americans put to improve their social status in America. Alexie in one of his poems seriously criticized the racial behavior of the American forks towards the Indian Americans. His perception was that the Mexicans who were from the Indian American descent had every right to reside in America. The Americans in the state of Arizona thrived in pushing the Mexicans to migrate from their considered territory. He considers his banishment He considers his together with the other Indian banishment from Arizona to be racially and politically instigated, since the laws were in support of the racists move. The officials themselves were the ones encouraging racism with the laws they were enacting (McClinton-Temple & Alan, 151). Alexie has diverse views concerning cultural interpretation. In his perceptions, individuals should not negatively view others due to the disabilities resulting from natural causes. In his novel The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian he states the difficulties experienced by physically challenged individuals in adapting to life, and meeting the societal expectations. He views cultural awareness of the society to be unfair in judging the physical disabilities of individuals. The book narrates the example of Arnold who is ill-treated by others for his physical disabilities which he had, as a result, of the surgery he experienced to get rid of the excess fluid that was in his brain. Secondly, Alexie tells that cultural experience demands that their kin members have the responsibility of rescuing other tribal members from what he considered to be cultural preservation were the only way of ensuring that moral developments did not impede the social set up of the minority communities. He acknowledges that at times cultural perceptions could be dangerous as it may twist to be an obstruction to ones freedom (McClinton-Temple & Alan, 88). Alexie uses the style of pulp-fiction to illustrate the social issues prevalent in the modern and ancient societies. He depicts the social issues in his book Indian Killer. The book brings out his views on racism when he majors the story around an Indian John Smith adopted by white parents. The book points out the racist nature of the whites towards the Indian culture. The behavior of John’s foster family is a perfect example of discrimination that characterizes the white’s environment. Alexie cultural perception regarding assimilation to other cultures is that it may result to rejection, since the individuals from the native’s background will rejects the assimilated person. He believes that materialism in America has been denied to the Native Americans. The American Indians were separated into numerous groups away from the European contact. Alexie’s Influence into Writing Alexie was influenced by the urge to sell the Indian culture abroad, and also to lay out a perfect example for the young Indian youths. He wanted to teach the whites of the Indian moral and social obligations. He was also motivated by the need to find answers regarding the cultural percepti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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