Impact of Social, Cultural and Political Traits on the Literature of the Era - Essay Example

It has aptly been stated that literature is the mirror of the prevailing culture of a society and describes the characteristics existing in a specific region or community during the specific era. …
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Impact of Social, Cultural and Political Traits on the Literature of the Era

Extract of sample Impact of Social, Cultural and Political Traits on the Literature of the Era

Download file to see previous pages A refined piece of art and literature maintains ability of elaborating each and every aspect of the society including political establishment, social norms, cultural values, religious cults, traditions, customs and festivals observed and adopted by the people of the society in which that literary piece had been created. Hence, if an author has gifted talent of expressing the cultural traits with keen surveillance and observation by painting the picture of society in an imitative mode, it surely gives birth to a fascinating and heart-melting literature in its wake that remains the centre of the readers’ attention for the future centuries to come. The same can be witnessed by going through the works created by William Shakespeare, Alexander Pope and Jane Austen at different occasions and by living under different circumstances and social environment.
Sir William Shakespeare is one of the greatest playwrights and poets the world has ever produced. His wonderful works display his great command over the pointing out the minute objects in the environment on the one hand, and his dexterity over understanding the human nature, sentiments, feelings and emotions on the other. His famous play under the title Henry VIII portrays the political, social and cultural aspects of the Middle Ages England in a vivid way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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