The End of Public Culture by Richard Sennett - Literature review Example

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The paper "The End of Public Culture by Richard Sennett" states that through politicians false promises and lame excuses, and the artists through their self-made artificial love and intimacy, have thrust the common man far from the social interaction and intimate relationships with one another…
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The End of Public Culture by Richard Sennett
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Download file to see previous pages l personage who offers them his intentions, his sentiments, rather than his acts, for their consumption.” (1977: p 261) He also emphasises on the nature of and needs for the intimate relationships among the individuals by making a comparison of present-day intimate socio-cultural relations with those of the past. The writer vehemently sustains the very fact that the modern man takes intimacy as the ethically beneficial act, a source of personality development and the way to overcome social evils from the environment. This type of philosophy and the desire for solving individual problems through moral values may put the very meanings of intimacy in serious jeopardy. “This ideology of intimacy”, Sennett declares, “defines the humanitarian spirit of a society without gods: warmth in our god.” (1977: p 259) The feelings of alienation in the past have given birth to the present day intimacy.
The writer is of the opinion that reckoning the past memories brings disappointment and remorse, and pushes man to perform something wrong in utter remorse; but it should not be the only mania to be recollected from the past; rather, a comparative analysis of the olden days is highly supportive in detecting the quintessence of customs, norms, mores and traditions prevailing in the contemporary times. In addition, such analyses facilitate the individuals alter their lifestyle accordingly, as the distances between the individuals have left indelible imprints on them on the one hand, and have made them learn how to go closer to family, friends and relations on the other. “The past”, Sennett views, “built a hidden desire of stability in the overt desire for closeness between human beings.” (1977: pp 259-260) The people witnessed inadequate approach towards interaction even with the close relations during the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly during the last decades of the Victorian Era, which brought untoward modifications in the socio-cultural unit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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