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Regulations Influence on Agencys Productivity and Efficiency - Coursework Example

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The current paper "Regulations Influence on Agency’s Productivity and Efficiency"  is aimed to state that Each law enforcement agency has a set of internal policy and regulations to achieve their goals in a productive and efficient manner…
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Regulations Influence on Agencys Productivity and Efficiency
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Extract of sample "Regulations Influence on Agencys Productivity and Efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages Literature ReviewLiterature Review Internal regulations are a set of official/ unofficial set of rules that an agency should follow in order to be in compliance that is suppose to help the agency achieve its goal in an efficient and productive manner. There is no previous literature review performed on the productivity and efficiency of the Office of Inspector General-Office of Investigations, therefore, for the purpose of this study, similar studies on different agencies within the field of law enforcement and studies whose method of the study was the pooled cross-sectional time series regression will be used for guidance.  The Office of Investigations within the Office of Inspector General are divided by Field Offices whose are divided by region and are entitled to a certain regional jurisdiction, then followed by a set of Sub-Offices who have to report to the Field Offices. A conjunction of Sanhog Moon, Alex Sekwat, Rodney Stanley and Richard Bennett studies, it will serve as a foundation for the methodology of this research. “The goal of this research design is to test for a shift or change in the trend of the dependent variable at the point of the policy intervention. The premise for the design is that the post-intervention values of the dependent variables are different from the pre-intervention series,” (Moon, Sekwat & Standley, 2004). Richard Bennett “explores the macrostructure tenet of the approach upon a sample of 52 nations spanning a 25-year period (1960-1984). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Regulations Influence on Agencys Productivity and Efficiency Coursework.
“Regulations Influence on Agencys Productivity and Efficiency Coursework”, n.d.
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