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Analysis of the Agency's Policies, Procedures, and Plans Regarding Unions, privatization, Pensions , and Productivity, Part 4 - Assignment Example

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It consists of objectives, goals, and missions that guide the organization. It also gives direction to the company by evaluating and providing alternative…
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Analysis of the Agencys Policies, Procedures, and Plans Regarding Unions, privatization, Pensions , and Productivity, Part 4
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Agency's Policies, Procedures, and Plans Regarding Unions, privatization, Pensions , and Productivity, Part 4"

Download file to see previous pages Workers have rights to impact wages work hours, benefits, health, safety and among others through unions. Agencies prefer not to have representation in the unions because, the workers influence the wages, and this may cause loss and workers lose their jobs. The reason being employees demands the agency to raise their salary, and if they do not do that, then they will end up losing workers and henceforth experience closure. Safety is another factor that they should consider; safety is the most important thing in companies. If t workers cannot feel safe where they work, most probably they are going to quit jobs and find other places where safety is in place.
Privatization is whereby agencies move from being public and becomes private. Implementation of privatization gets control from a legal entity that that promotes initiative such as the Air Force. When the utility systems become old, obsolete and reliable, the Air Force began efforts to convey ownership of these service systems to the private sector through privatization efforts. The costs to upgrade these utilities are so costly whereby the government will cost the public more money and provide a lower level of service. Therefore, the independent private sectors ensure government initiatives meet their destined reliability and how it retorts to its utility systems. This effort helps to subside the need for the public to pay more taxes to the government. Instead, when the government receives support from the private sector, it is an opportunity for the air force. It will get more advanced utilities from the sponsors at large.
It is a retirement plan usually tax exempt, whereby, an employee makes the contribution towards funds that is set aside for an employees future benefits. Plans represent an enormous future expense for companies. Companies, according to Frangakis, Hermann and Huffschmid (2010), review individual employee information held in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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