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The Great Critic Simply as a Piece of - Literature review Example

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The paper describes the example of Milton’s remarkable “Paradise Lost”. It becomes evident that his splendid epic poem has given the universal message of domination of heavenly powers over satanic forces. Milton has very brilliantly exposed how man has to make a long and continuous to save himself…
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The Great Critic Simply as a Piece of Literature
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Download file to see previous pages While talking about the fiction under study, Tolstoy’s “The Death of Ivan Ilych” can be stated as representations of general nature. The story begins with the death of the protagonist character i.e. Ivan Ilych, a judge of the high court. His colleagues and companions have gathered at the court of law neither to condole one other nor to commemorate their deceased colleague; rather the motive behind their assembling is to devise a scheme to obtain the position has become vacant after the death of Ivan Ilych. Thus, Tolstoy has pointed out in the very first scene of the novel that people have the least care about the death of even their close relatives and associates; they only seek prestige, pelf and power in life and forget altogether that they also have to leave the world with empty hands, and all posts, positions and statuses will remain here in this mortal world of bitter reality. Tolstoy skilfully draws out the death eve, where Ivan’s close friend Peters extracts a state of admonition from the dead face of Ivan Ilych that this world is a temporary one, quite unstable like a bubble of water; and man’s entire efforts to obtain more and more wealth and prestige will diminish very soon. But the people seldom contemplate on this and have the least care that they may be the next prey of the awkward clutches of death. Though Peters himself is a materialistic character of the fiction, yet the anxiety of Ivan’s widow Praskovya regarding Ivan’s pension startles the readers, as no one can imagine even that Praskovya could be so selfish that she looks for the inheritance of her dead husband even before performing of his funeral services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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