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Charles Darwin Since time immemorial, scientists have been contemplating the idea that some form of evolution led to the emergence of living things across the world. Nevertheless, they lacked leadership or a universal theory to explain the dynamics of evolution (“Bio Web” 1)…
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Charles Darwin
Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution is the most controversial and popular theory of evolution. Ideally, the Darwin's Theory of Evolution asserts that there is a close relationship between all lives and that all life came from the same ancestor (“Science” 1). The theory conflicted with religious, political, and social views where some people only gradually accepted his views (“BBC” 1). However, most scientists relate to this theory and most people can now identify with his views. As such, the explanation of Charles Darwin was very fundamental in explaining the existence of life from natural selection (“Truth Reality” 1). I therefore claim that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the most clear and relevant theory of evolution to date. Born to a moderately wealthy family in Shrewsbury, England in 1809, Charles Darwin had no interest for school but focused on observing birds and collecting insects to study (O'Neil 1). Notably, Darwin’s father had immense knowledge on medicine and hence he directed Darwin to study medicine in Edinburgh while he was at 16 years old (“Bio Web” 1). Nevertheless, Darwin showed little interest on medicine and preferred attending natural history lectures. As a result, his father suggested that Darwin change his career to a clergy (“Bio Web” 1). ...
This background and his 5 weeks long visit to the Galapagos Islands propagated the natural selection theory. Notably, the Galapagos Islands had unique species and Darwin was amazed that the birds at Galapagos Islands were somehow different from those found in other islands. As such, Darwin and an ornithologist associate collected and identified 13 species from Galapagos Islands upon their return to England (O'Neil 1). He observed that the birds had different beak size and shape and that the variations related to diets based on different foods (O'Neil 1). As a result, Darwin concluded that upon reaching the Galapagos Islands from South American, the finches dispersed to different environments where they had to adapt to different conditions (O'Neil 1). He confirmed that the beak varieties gave the birds an advantage to adapt in the new environment, reproduce, and pass their traits to the next generation through a natural process. More so, the passed traits became prominent and the birds with these traits established a defined population. As such, it is clear that nature selected the best-suited varieties to survive and to reproduce though the natural selection process as defined by Darwin (O'Neil 1). In this context, Darwin was more relevant and more correct compared to other scientists as Lamarck who incorrectly asserted that the environment altered the shape of individuals and that future generation inherited the acquired changes (O'Neil 1). Indeed, Darwin was correct in deriving that the variation in beak varieties was in existence and that nature just selected for the most suitable beak shape and against less useful ones in a process called the "survival of the fittest (O'Neil 1).” By the term, "survival of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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