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Australian’s modern Aboriginal literature has grown and now receives both national and international attention. This is a big stride given that its usefulness was at once facing relegation from the literature world. …
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Modern Aboriginal Literature
Download file to see previous pages This effect has come of age due to the exceeding popularity of its original works, which have come out to mark an indelible purpose in the literature context. Alexis highlights the literature of Aboriginal resistance, the literature of heroism, triumph, and survival against all odds. In this modern time, Alexis novel Politics of Writing explains that she comes out as a writer, an Australian, to wage war on ignorance, which according to her, was sinking the true cultural, social, and political status of Aboriginal people. In her assertion, the literature of Aboriginal writer helps to revitalize the stolen charm of Australian people, their long relegation, as ignorance has far much worked as the weapon killing the Aboriginal people. In so doing, Alexis literature is the weapon against the odds working to derail the political, cultural and purposefulness of the Aboriginal people (Wright, 2013). She further asserts that ignorance has long been more lethal than a gun in sabotaging the Aboriginal people. When she decisively talks of conjuring her own homeland in the novel, Alexis is kind of fuming and scathing on the seemingly pre-meditated selective blindness of the Australians. To her, the Australians prefer to perceive the misfortunes of other people from a safe distance of the other parts of the world. In this reference, she speaks of the effectiveness of the modern Aboriginal literature in shaping the social and cultural nature of Australian people (Munkelt, 2013). She expounds on how the Aboriginal literature has forced them to see what for long they have defied for more than two hundred years. This is about the existence of the Aboriginal people, their culture, and political development. Ironically, at the home of the Aboriginal society, this is passive literature. Lionel Fogerty, as part of the Aboriginal writers, together with Alexis, shares the political context of Aboriginal people. For example, they seem to share this radical understanding of how colonial imperialism has continued to shape the modern Australia (Munkelt, 2013). This is evident as the modern Aboriginal literature content on circulation touches on a wide range of social-cultural issues like homosexuality, racism, refugees, deaths in custody, kidnapping, and the universal subject on the dislocations of peoples’ experiences as they are split between country and the values of urban standards of living. In view of the Aboriginal writers, this, according to them, is not a piteous cry of victims, but rather tough, realistic perceptions of survivors. One cannot fail to perceive the realities of Aboriginal people in Rosie Smith’s writings, Screams of Fear (Wright, 2013). She extends the emotions of people from the moments one learns his child is to go the cell or is in it already. In her poem, Rosie escalates the realities of desolation and despair. This is all fed with the lack of recognition of what prison meant. The writer highlights how the social context of families faces misshaping and damaged by lack of comprehending the realities of colonization. This is the reason why another Aboriginal writer, Kerry Reed challenges the whites’ Australian prejudice on the meaning of family and country in his poem, By Choice. He highlights the choice made by the Aboriginal Australians in living in the conditions and the areas where they are, that it is their choice and not enforcement. The reality in these writers literature world is what Alexis describes as the love and interest in her culture and lives, before and after the invasion (Munkelt, 2013). This is the only path to social, political, and cultural liberation, the corners the Aboriginal li ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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