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The average person cannot live without technology. The chapter entitled Always On focuses on the cyborgs of society…
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Always on by Sherry Turkle
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Download file to see previous pages The chapter entitled Always On focuses on the cyborgs of society. The average person cannot live without technology. The people always leave their technology gadgets always on. The average cyborg is a typical teenage kid strolling everywhere, especially within the school campus. The cyborg can be easily spotted in the crowd. The cyborg carries computers in the backpacks. The backpacks also include radio transmitters and computer keyboards. The cyborg persons attach their digital displays on their eyeglasses.
There are other telltale signs of the cyborg person. The cyborg person is continually connected to the internet. The internet is used for communicating with people located in many locations around the world. The world may include within the university premises, in New York, California, Texas, or Virginia. The world may also include Japan, China, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, or Vietnam.
The cyborg teenagers learned to adapt to the seemingly cumbersome world of the cyborg generation’s multitasking capabilities. Admittedly, the non-cyborg students do not carry the heavy computer laptops, keyboards, headphones, and other computer devices on their person, including backpacks or big bags. Consequently, they do not have to carry the heavy computer devices. On the other hand, the computer technology nerds sacrifice carrying heavy laptop backs in exchange for speed. With the internet connection, the cyborg can easily search for any information. Upon finding the required information, the cyborg teenager can use the new information to answer the college assignments, video conference, download videos, etc. The college assignments include writing essays, seat works, course works, and dissertations.
Side effects of Always One technology There are side effects of modern day Always on (cyborg) technology (Turkle 152). One of the side effects is injury or discomfort on the cyborg person. The cyborg student may develop wounds from the constant banging of the computer devices on their bodies. Lindman props up the cyborg students as our modern heroes. The new heroes bravely accept the effect of the cyborg technology. The effects include being bruised by the constant banging of the computer devices on their shoulders, backs, and other related body parts. Further, the faculty members of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were understandably on the side of the cyborg generation. The professors could easily send their messages to the cyborg student using online technology. Online technology includes sending messages through yahoo mail, google male, or other email websites. The professors could send the school assignments through the university website. The students can log on to the school website and open the professors’ online lessons, topics, and other class discussions (Turkle 151). III. Critical evaluation of the position adopted in the essay: state your evaluation. The Sherry Turkle’s thesis stating the information technology should always be turned on is rightfully very persuasive. Turkle rightfully observes that the cyborgs enjoy their current unbridled world of information technology (Turkle 151). The cyborg is not tied down to the limited spaces of the desk job world. The cyborg also replaced the cable-based internet technology with wireless internet services. With wireless technology, the cyborg can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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