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The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm - Essay Example

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This paper "The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm" will seek to outline Erich Fromm’s argument about love and his reasoning for the arguments in his book “The Art of Loving”. Moreover, the essay will reveal deep, detail analysis of each of the argument…
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The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm
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Extract of sample "The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm"

Download file to see previous pages Fromm argues that, love is that power which ends up producing love. One can only exchange love for love and confidence for confidence. If a man wishes to enjoy an art, he must possess an artistic training; if he wishes to influence other people, he must possess a really furthering and stimulating influence on them. For instance, in the Book of Jonah, God gives an explanation to Jonah that the vitality of love dwells in laboring for a thing and making that thing grow (63). This is a clear indication that love is inseparable from labor and vice versa, as a man loves that which he labors and labors that which he loves.
In his argument, Fromm sets forth that the active behavior or character of true love incorporates four basic instruments or elements namely knowledge, respect, responsibility, and care. It is difficult to give a definition of each of these elements given the point that they markedly differ from one another as they depend on circumstances and people involved. Fromm argues that when you picture love in this sense, you will find that love is the hardest work, but also is the most rewarding type of work. Part of the books concepts involves self-love. Fromm explains that love for oneself is far much different from arrogance, egocentrism, or conceit (77). Loving one implies that you care for yourself, take responsibility for yourself, respect yourself, and knowing yourself. This explains that individual love means being honest and realistic with response to one’s weaknesses and strengths. ...
Fromm explains that love for oneself is far much different from arrogance, egocentrism, or conceit (77). Loving one implies that you care for yourself, take responsibility for yourself, respect yourself, and knowing yourself. This explains that individual love means being honest and realistic with response to one’s weaknesses and strengths. With that vein, Fromm argues that one needs to himself this way in order to be able to love someone else truly. Responding to his exclusive skepticism of love which he refers to as egoism a deux, there are relationships in which each person focuses on the other entirely to the loss of the other people surrounding him or her. In a marriage that is healthy, faithfulness is applicable to sex, but to Fromm’s argument, love stands for general care, respect, responsibility, and honest attitude as regards other people. Fromm presents an exploration of how influences of western culture affect ways in which perceive and act upon love in the world of today (81). According to Fromm, love and art is the same thing but he stresses that for one to love, he or she must apply love in theory first, and then practice. To attain the relevant skills for loving, one has to learn or train and this is the part that makes loving one of the hardest tasks in this world. This is because of the fact that learning how to love; the leaner must exhibit bold attention and devotion towards the subject as well as consistent application of both practice and theory (89). As we analyze the Fromm’s arguments of love from his book, we establish that concern and care act as another aspect of love. Fromm argues that, in the modern world, responsibility frequently denoted duty meaning it is a thing imposed on a person from outside ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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