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Racism and ethnicity is an old topic and has been discussed by many scholars, writers, researchers and experts. It is not the issue of one particular country or nation. But just think that who are being targeted when the discussions are made on this particular issue Yes it's the invisible man of Mary, blues people of Leroi Jones or Hosna of the season of migration to North and for me and you its "Black people".
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Comparative Race and Ethnicity
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion started when a White man from the crowd questions that why black people are so frustrated that they always keep on talking about ethnicity and that they are being ignored by the world Jones replied because this is the truth if not why are they called blacky The white man said it is very simple we call you black people because of your dark complexion, Jones interrupted and said sorry to interrupt you young man but the truth is that you call us black people to make a border line between you and us as you think that we are inferior to you or you might don't want to make us feel that we are also the citizens of this country and that we are second citizens.
Moreover Socrates said that I started feeling like a mad man as we truly started feeling ourselves inferior than White people and some of us don't feel comfortable in the company of a white man this time the white man again interrupted and said look you your self said that its you who feel uncomfortable with us otherwise we don't have any issue whoever is living or working in our vicinity. Socrates replied dear this is the main problem you look at the current situation and don't want to see the original picture or the reason behind all this. You people discuss that we were slaves and were tortured by our masters and till now when everything has changed you still look at us like slaves and don't want to mention our contributions. In this regard Jones said that the main issue is that you think that we are inferior because you do not understand our culture and religion or you might don't want to, as both of these play an important role in making an Identity of a person you only know that we are black people, negro and that's all. I don't know if you don't want to know more than this or you are afraid that after knowing the complete reality you have to accept our identity. As we entered states we gradually started losing our identity as we were working under white people so they simply call us black people and the thing keep on going from generations to generations. You could not feel the pain of losing identity it feels like we are nobody and came in this world to serve white or rich people or if we are born for slavery.
The white man said we never said you so and I don't think anybody have enough time to stand and say you that you are inferior or we don't like yours. Nobody bothers to say so and why would we Socrates said it's not your tongue that speaks it's your eyes that make us feel inferior , yes it's the way you look at us, a taunting smile on your face is enough to make us pissed off. You said that you don't think so then tell me why do you call us a second citizen why after spending our lives here in states and we served your prestigious organization even then we are still blacky, Negros and nothing more then second citizens to you people. We study in same universities that you did and dream to have a bright future but still we don't get to the position you get because of your ethnicity.
The white man did not bothered to talk more and went away with a smile on his face, a smile like that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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