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Argument if Alchohol Should Be Sold on Sunday - Essay Example

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Author Tutor Course Date Argument if Alcohol should be sold on Sunday Alcohol should be sold on Sundays. The opponents to the selling of alcohol on Sundays believe that Sunday is a Sabbath day, which Christians hold in reverence. Christians also label alcohol “the devils brew,” and a sin that should be shunned at all costs…
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Argument if Alchohol Should Be Sold on Sunday
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Download file to see previous pages Since people subscribe to various belief systems, blanket condemnation should not arise. The society should not employ religious coercion; the debate should not disregard beliefs of other people or be driven by confusion between religion and morality (Peck 266). Neither should it restrict trade by enforcing the interests of a certain section of society. Besides, the constitution of the U.S. calls for separation of religion and state. The debate should not be an issue of conscience but justice. What makes it sound to argue that alcohol should be sold on Sunday? First of all, Sunday is a day just like any other. The significance of the day is relative and holds varying importance from one person to another. Liquor stores should be opened every day to cater for responsible adults who need to enjoy some drink. Failure to sell alcohol on Sunday denies citizens the opportunity to celebrate key occasions in their life such as birthday parties and other notable occasions in the calendar such as Fathers day or Mothers day, which might fall on Sundays (Peck 267). Some people may say that selling alcohol on Sundays perpetuates alcohol induced crimes. The proponents of this argument assert that statistics on social ills such as public drunkenness would shoot up in cases of Sunday sales. To a certain degree, they may be right, but no one cannot accurately predict this occurrence unless they explore. In fact, it may later turn out to be a non-event (Small 17). However, they let us not forget that the main issue in this argument is responsibility. If people have been responsible for six days, what would make it hard to be responsible on Sunday? People would still obey the laws on civility on Sundays. Thus, people should be left to enjoy their occasional drink without victimization. In fact, comparative research on states that have allowed Sunday sales showed zero increase in ills such as drunk driving, domestic violence, or undesired underage drinking (Small 18). Opponents of this idea claim that Sunday sales of alcohol should not happen in order to give the indulgers a day-off probably to dry out or detox. The opponents assert that restrictions on the sale of alcohol serve the common good of society in the sense it slows down societal obsession with alcohol, which is detrimental to health (Peck 268). Nevertheless, restricting alcohol drinking on Sundays will be inconsequential to individual’s health. In fact, doctors have proved the medical futility of a short-lived skip of alcohol indulgence. Those who oppose alcohol sales on Sundays maintain that the restrictions compel would be drunkards to remain sober at home and have a quality moment with their families. They also assert that devoid of these families are destined for failure. To a certain degree, they are right because even workaholics need a day off. However, the argument advanced by those who uphold pro-family values is irrelevant because love is the principal element that keeps families together (Peck 270). Personally, I think that alcohol should be sold on Sundays. This is because restrictions on sale lead to massive loss of tax revenue. Similarly, restrictions on sale of alcohol on Sundays results to closure or transfer of ownership to some liquor outlets, especially those of the recent establishment. This leads to layoffs of personnel. Sundays are times that liquor outlets should enjoy brisk business. A study carried out by Quinnipiac University in March 2012 indicated that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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