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Playing god on the humans in Brave New World - Essay Example

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In the paper “Playing god on the humans in Brave New World” the author seeks to evaluate Bokanovsky’s process in the Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World. Bokanovsky’s process allows human beings to be reproduced efficiently where a human egg will bud, proliferate and divide into multitude. …
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Playing god on the humans in Brave New World
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Extract of sample "Playing god on the humans in Brave New World"

Download file to see previous pages The Bokanovsky science speaks about creation as if it knows better than God because it can accelerate the process of hatching humans that would take nature many years to mature.  The way that human beings are being hatched in their laboratories is very impersonal because it was being treated no different from other animals.Bokanovsky’s science is not only limited to the reproduction of human beings through the process of decantation but also extends to customizing the capability of its subjects.  This is being done in the embryonic state in what the Director calls a “predestined and conditioned state” (Huxley 11) to enable him or her to perform a specific task effectively and efficiently when it matures.  This can be done by reducing the mental capacity of human beings reproduced through Bokanovsky’s science.  Concretely, the Director cited the technique of oxygen deprivation on the fetus because oxygen deprivation reduces the brain to a mere Epsilon.  This is the science where it was applied not to better a human being or his condition but to degenerate him by depriving him of his rightful mental faculty.  The oxygen deprivation has to be in their desired amount because if oxygen deprivation will reach seventy percent, the skeleton will already be affected that would dwarf the subject.  Less than seventy percent of oxygen deprivation would make the human eyeless monsters that would be no use at all.  This process of creating human beings can also be construed as inhuman considering that they are suffocating the fetus. so that it will become dumb when it matures.
The body and consciousness of the human beings reproduced through Bokanovsky’s science can also be altered. The body’s immune system is being can be strengthened by the technique depending on the specific task that the subject will perform in the future. For example, if the subject is intended to become chemical workers, their body’s immune system is made to resist lead, caustic soda, tar, chlorine. If the cloned humans are intended to work in the tropics, their embryos were subjected to “heat conditioning where hot tunnels alternated with cool tunnels”. Coolness was wedded to discomfort in the form of hard X-rays. By the time they were decanted the embryos had a horror of cold. The cloned humans that are subjected to this conditioning were predestined to emigrate to the tropics, to become miner and acetate silk ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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