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The Time Machine and A Scientific Romance - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Draft The Time Machine and A Scientific Romance Wells in his book “The Time Machine” projects his criticism of current life by travelling into the future. The narrator describes the Journey of Time Traveler who uses a machine Time Machine to travel in the future…
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The Time Machine and A Scientific Romance
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Download file to see previous pages In Wright’s book “A Scientific Romance”, the author uses main character to illustrate life into the future. Evidently, from the travel, which goes five centuries a head, narrator ends his journey by describing a desolate Britain. The narrator argues that divisions that exist between the poor and the rich, brought about by social systems adopted in the society are a time bomb (Wright 66-67). The Well’s novel uses a conversational tone to illustrate his theme in the Time Machine. The protagonist in the book, the narrator, tells a story about the stake that the future holds. The narrator brings into the attention of the reader the disappearance of the Time Traveler, which return after a span of three years. The Time Traveler spoke to his friends about what he saw in during his time travel. He described the future as a doom to humanity. This acts a warning since it describes a primitive and doom future. The narrator alludes that time travel is possible. In his travel, he met creatures that appalled his imagination. He did not think that life was meaningless in the future. Time Traveler explains to his colleagues that although people allude that there are three dimensions of space, time makes the forth dimensions. In the novel, it is apparent that time imprisons the mind and the people. Time Traveler counters the argument of the Medical Man about time, which stated that one is unable to move Time and escape from the present time. Instead, Time Traveler states that people are able to pass Time Dimension some uniform velocity. To explain his notion, Time Traveler mentions a machine that he has invented which he presented its prototype for experimentation. He operates the machine and it disappears into the future. Later, Time Traveler uses the time machine to move into the future. In chapter two of novel, Time Traveler starts narrating the story. Time Traveler had left a note to his friends to inform them about his absence on the Thursday meeting. The Time traveler comes late for meeting, tired and weary. He excuses himself to take a shower. When comes back he does not speak, but concentrate in taking his dinner. Arguably, Time Traveler came late from his journey though he argued that he is able to escape the prison of time. It leads to the question is he able to travel or escape the prison of time. However, the Time Traveler was able to travel into the future and explore activities that occur in the future. It is evident that the time machine was able to help him escape the prison of time by taking him into the future. The Time Traveler who narrates his ordeal to his friends states that the morning that he travelled, he was able to jump over five hours ahead of the normal time. When the machine landed, he was in a foreign land where the present civilization does not exist. He saw funny creatures Morlocks & Eloi. The later were observable during the day while Morlocks came out in the dark. In addition, Eloi are more civilized than the Morlocks, but the Morlocks who are ape-like creatures prey on the Eloi. During his adventure, the Time Traveler saves Weena from drowning. Weena who is one of Eloi spend her time with the Time Traveler helping him to explore the new world. TT encounters with the Morlocks and Eloi changed his thinking about the state of man in the present world. He argues that human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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