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Without Desire in Search of Lost Time would be Nothing - Essay Example

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The seven volumes of Search of Lost Time with which Marcel Proust is credited with, spin around varied themes. Are the contents of these volumes own life-experiences of Marcel Proust? No tangible answer can be given to this question. …
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Without Desire in Search of Lost Time would be Nothing
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Extract of sample "Without Desire in Search of Lost Time would be Nothing"

Download file to see previous pages No tangible answer can be given to this question. Theory captures in the texts the experience of other individuals. What he has written is massive and it could be his experience clubbed with imagination. All themes dealt with by him in the books may not exercise an identical volume of pressure on his mind. In the present essay the theme desire, as perceived by the author has been highlighted, but this is a theme which is difficult to discuss in isolation. It is related and intermingled with other themes. The word desire has no independent status. It is qualified by the adjectives like good, bad, etc. Desire has intense relationship to conflicts of the inner world of an individual and the secular challenges that one encounters. Marcel Proust is aware of these limitations. The normal expectations of the mainstream society in relation to an individual are -- be a good citizen, lend a helping hand to the needy etc. The negative desires are immoral sex, addiction to drugs, loose moral character, violent tendencies and the like. The listing of positive and negative desires can go on and on. Of the negative desires, the desire for unlicensed, excessive sensual pleasure is considered as bad. Viewed from finer aspects of morality, desire for a particular sexual act is as bad as engaging in the act itself. Bad words are as bad as bad deeds! Desire is normally considered as a negative trait. It is the stumbling block to individual in the true sense and obstructs the progress of the one seeking true happiness and freedom. 2. SWAN’S WAY The book begins with the problem of Marcel to get the elusive sleep. Suddenly we find that issue with Marcel is not, getting or not getting sleep but the nature of the sleep. That he is afraid of the darkness is only an alibi for his desire to investigate and know the ability of sleep to deny people of their individuality, and how an individual tries to pick up the thread of his life before going to sleep and after he wakes up, to retain the continuity in his life. The answer to this problem needs to be understood from the perspective of the nature and functioning of the mind. Broadly speaking, the mind is the storehouse of desires. It is an extraordinary gift of God, with boundless energy, and it is a wonderful conduit. Generally, in the hectic schedule of day to day life, an individual is unable to comprehend how potent the mind is and how useful it can prove to get at the true nature of the desires. Human mind is a double—edged sword. If bridled with the reins of true knowledge, it can open the portals for peaceful (blissful) living, and if left unbridled, it can also make a hell out of life. Desire, from the negative standpoint is destructive, but from the constructive view point, it is productive. Study the journey of man from the age of horse-driven carts to the age of steam engines, and, finally to the age of computerized travelling and space odyssey during the last one century. It bears testimony to the dexterity of the desires that sprout without intermission that are properly directed by humankind. The major highlight of “Swann’s Way” is the theme of relationship between time and memory. It is Proust’s primary motivation. Proust believed that time is not a fixed entity and it is not possible to measure it or quantify it. Instead, time, he often calls it duration, involved a flowing together of varied moments and experiences so that one unit of time is indistinguishable from the other. The voluntary, unfixed and difficult—to--predict the power of the memory to take a person back in time forms the stylistic and thematic edifice of Swann’s Way. Desire to discover oneself is the strongest desire in a human being. With the bricks an individual constructs the edifice and wishes to erect heaven ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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