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Do Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Belong to Postmodernism - Essay Example

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The concept of postmodernism is one which combines alternative and fantasy like attributes in expression. This was able to develop a different perspective with various stories while developing plots and storylines…
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Do Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Belong to Postmodernism
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Extract of sample "Do Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Belong to Postmodernism"

Download file to see previous pages This is able to exemplify and show the concepts of postmodernism while developing a plot line that develops alternative perspectives and expressions. Both stories are able to convey and exemplify postmodernist attributes through the plot, actions, characters and ideologies which both author’s convey. The concepts of postmodernist theory are what define the main attributes of both stories that show the philosophy. The main concept that postmodernists were interested in was the ability to change perspectives of reality. This was in opposition to the realistic writing which was conveyed in the era before. Postmodernism rebelled against this by pushing the limits of realism and the need to express everything according to the issues and developments in society and culture. This expanded into creating radical descriptions and expressions that would cause a belief of being unsettled and disrupted with one’s thoughts. The main ideology was to confront ideas of realism and what individuals believed in society to be the most important. This was followed by the belief that the voice should change the differences and transitions which one was going through from a perspective which a different individual would not consider realistic. The concepts of magic and reflections of the unknown then became a part of the postmodernist theory and the defining points which were able to create the different interpretations and reactions in society (Flax, 1990: 5).
Both stories reflect the main ideologies of postmodernism in the main approach and plot line which is taken. The first is noted through “The Bloody Chamber” by Carter. The plot line is based on the grotesque and an unrealistic viewpoint of one’s own plot in life. ...
This begins by having a plot line which seems normal, specifically with the narrator wanting to get married and move out of the home that she lives in. However, this quickly changes when she finds out the truth of the man that she marries and the sadism and pornography that he is interested in. This twist into the plot into one which is not romantic or has a happy ending as the beginning points out. The end of the book shows that this turns into a man who is willing to murder the wives that don’t have a specific liking of his interest. The grotesque plot line and the unrealistic expectations continue with the narrator’s mother killing her husband at the last moment, also which moves outside of the realistic expectations which one would have. This particular plot line leads to twists and unrealistic expectations from the husband, actions he willingly takes and the response from the mother. Each of these adds into the postmodernist trend of changing the plot into the unexpected. A similar plot line conveys the postmodernist ideologies in “Sexing the Cherry.” The concepts which are associated with this show a distorted relationship between a mother and a son, specifically which is referred to as grotesque. The description which is given to her is followed by the references to her being as an elephant and being able to eat large proportions, especially of fruit. The twist becomes even more important with the son as he responds to his mother by loving her attributes and with his willingness to embrace the giant and grotesque features. The twists and changes which occur after this follow the plot line of going on a journey with the mother to find the self and to embrace the unknown which is a part of the main conflict that others see. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson Belong to Postmodernism Essay.
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