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Postmodernism Theory - Essay Example

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Postmodernism theory refers to a non-traditional approach of defining existing concepts, which deviates from previously known super-structural theories. Most scholars consider modernism as providing the foundation of postmodernism theory…
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Postmodernism Theory
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Postmodernism Theory

Download file to see previous pages... The theory advances that absolute truths do not exist because all apparent realities result from social construction by individuals. Meaning, people’s continually changing experiences influence their perception, and in turn, affects the way they define concepts. The subjective nature of individuals’ perspectives serves to explain the role played by language, motivations behind the formation of ideas and power relations. Examples of postmodernism theorists include; Michel Foucault (1926-1984), and Jean-Francois Lyotard among others (David, 1994). Postmodernism disagrees with the use of binary classifications found in many social concepts, for example, the classification of gender into male and female, and, classification on the basis of variations of individuals’ sexual orientation among other things. When compared to pre-existing philosophical ideologies, postmodernism tends to share similar conceptions with skepticism, pluralism, idealism and constructivism. This is because, just like the mentioned schools of thought, postmodernism revolves around deconstruction, which involves analyzing the foundation or basic elements of the element under scrutiny. Deconstruction helps identify the assumptions used to formulate various concepts, therefore, critic or applaud these assumptions. The establishment of postmodernism occurred in the 1950s and persisted throughout the 1960s dominating various disciplines including sociology, anthropology and various arts. Therefore, the essay below discusses postmodern approaches in sociology and further analyses the advantages and disadvantages of postmodernism theory (Jason, 2007).
Therefore, the major perspectives of postmodernism theory included the following. Firstly, postmodernists rejected the idea of the grand narrative, and replaced it with a set of discontinuous, dispersed narratives, which helped to show the dynamic nature of social concepts. Secondly, these theorists deviated from the previously adopted approach of structuralism advanced by Marx. Thus, they embraced Foucault’s theory, which emphasized a post-structuralism approach in which viewed power as a set of spread out discourses. These theorists also rejected the concept of rationalism, which used scientific, empirical ways to formulate known truths about the social world. Therefore, in its place, postmodernists replaced it with a model which accounted for the subjective nature of individual’s perceptions in interpreting social concepts. In addition, this new model was also open to falsification, whereby, deconstruction of previously known theories of social concepts occurred allowing for people to question apparent realities (Kenneth, 2009). Postmodernism theorists viewed people as an integral part of research, whereby; they viewed individuals as the cornerstone of all their research endeavors by using their standpoints. The Standpoint theory in Sociology is an example of a postmodernist theory. This theory advances the unique nature of individuals standpoints used to form perspectives based on their unique experiences as being an integral part of understanding social concepts. This approach serves to provide qualitative research data complementing the quantitative research data. Finally, these theorists reject the concept of progress advanced by Western ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Postmodernism Sherman Alexie has extensively explored postmodernism in his narrative ‘Do not gentle’. It is relatively hard to define the word postmodernism when used independently. The definition can differ from culture to culture, society to society, or even race to race.
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Do Postmodernism Texts Find Ways to Articulate Our Unfreedom
In order to comprehend this, one must first understand the rationality behind postmodernism as a theory, and how theorists in this school of thought rationalize the world they live. Firstly, postmodernism theory refers to a nontraditional approach of defining existing concepts, which deviates from previously known superstructural theories.
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Postmodernism can help in our understanding of 'popular' film
Lyotard Jean-Francois came up with the theory that was based on the view of postmodern art as a connection between meta-narratives and generality. He strongly rejected the theories that were put forward by Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. According to Trainer (2010) Karl Marx theory was based on Marxism where he described that humans were driven my material aspects such as survival in the world that they were living in.
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Features of Postmodernism
To characterize postmodernism, we must look briefly at what existed before it: modernism. "Modern" was once used liberally as an adjective to describe many things -from the latest kitchen gadget to a style of art.
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Feminism and Postmodernism
It is focused on locality, instability and ambiguity of all global aspects, the self and the concept of good. With the contribution of feminism, postmodernism ideas have been unfolded against the theories purporting to justification of sexist practices.
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The idea that one paradigm can in one way or another “threaten” the possibility of another is controversial. The same might be said of the a push for an “emancipatory” social science as the word ‘science’ tends to imply an objective search for the truth (the word stems from the Latin root to know) somehow removed from the push towards certain ends.
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What Is Postmodernism
This essay focuses on the meaning of postmodernism. Though postmodernism is one of the most interesting field of study and research these days, but there is no such definition that can actually define postmodernism in the complete sense. The process of transition is known as the shifting from modernism to postmodernism.
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Modernism and Postmodernism in Relation to Literature
The researcher of this essay aims to analyze modernism and postmodernism and their relationships with literature. Some of the characteristics associated with modernism included the use of improper grammar, while reflecting dialect in addition to use of more sexuality. Postmodernism emerged at the near end of World War 2.
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Postmodernism Cinema
This paper examines the term ‘postmodernism’ as depicted in Andrew Tudor’s work “From Paranoia to Postmodernism: The Horror Movie in the Late Modern Society.” Postmodernity has become common while trying to characterize cinema in the 21st century. What the term suggests regarding contemporary film is far from agreed.
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Idea of Postmodernism
The researcher of this essay aims to explore postmodernism. In the conventional sense and realm, postmodernism has been viewed as an advancement or improvement of the modern principles and articulations. This is to imply that the contemporary pool of knowledge and information is put to test of reason as rigour.
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