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The Maturation of George Willard - Essay Example

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Sherwood Anderson brings out touching themes from a small town life. In Winesburg, Ohio, Sherwood combines novelistic aspects with those of short stories to describe life in Winesburg…
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The Maturation of George Willard
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Extract of sample "The Maturation of George Willard"

Download file to see previous pages George Willard harmonizes all the short stories to make up one continuous story. The writer introduces George as a young boy working as a reporter with the Winesburg Eagle. The book describes George’s progression from a young boy in the beginning, to an adult in the end. The writer tells the story of George’s family, his adventures with women during adolescence, his relationship with peers and his maturation to an adult. At the end of the book, George is a mature individual who is ready to face the world and he leaves Winesburg (Anderson and Boyd, 328). All the characters in the story confide in George and therefore, he understands life in Winesburg better than any other person does. George is the only son of his father and mother. George grows up lacking the warmth of a beautiful relationship with his mother (Howe, 31). They do not get along well. His mother is dissatisfied with what life has offered her in the years. Her life is full of vanity because she has not found true love in marriage. On the other hand, his father only has failed ambitions to show for the years he has lived. He often urges George to focus on achieving something in life. His mother wants the best for him but does not like the way his father pesters him to leave the hometown. From the way his parents still guide him on the path of life, the reader realizes that George is but a boy at the beginning of the book. He has not chosen the exact thing he wants to pursue in life. Although he wants to leave the hometown, that will come after two years. George concentrates on his dreams and these define his world (Howe, 13). George is an adventurous adolescent. Emotions of love confuse and drift him easily. He wants to experiment with love and sex like any other boy his age. He is romantically involved with several women. After he successfully seduces a girl and has sex with her, he expresses mixed feelings. At first, he gets a heroic feeling but later embarrassment crops up. These are the feelings that come with love and youth especially when adolescents engage in sexual matters to satisfy their curiosity. George experiences the illusions of love. When he loves, he does not get love back in the same measure. In the story `nobody knows’, Sherwood describes how George handled his first love attempt (Howe, 48). His actions left him a bit embarrassed. In a different story, `the teacher’, George is romantically involved with his former teacher (Howe, 137). However, this affair did not get too far because the teacher realized it was absurd. George became confused when the teacher suddenly changed her mind. The story of George and the teacher displays the disillusionment that comes with being young. As a young adolescent, George does not know exactly the type of woman he wants. He practices trial and error in the search for love. Sometimes lust drives him to a woman. In a different instance, George is involved with Belle Carpenter in the story `an awakening’ (Howe, 156). This young woman chooses Ed over George. Ed hits George and that serves as an awakening to reality. In this case, George faces rejection. In addition, George is attracted to Helen White, and he intends to fall in love. Although Helen loves someone else, circumstances lead her to George. Helen white becomes the girl that George dates for the longest time. In the story `Sophistication’, Sherwood brings out the emotional maturity of George. He has had confusion about love in his childhood. However, in this story, he displays sophistication as he spends time with Helen. He displays the maturity he feels from deep inside. George has gotten over all the anxieties of being young. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Maturation of George Willard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
The Maturation of George Willard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“The Maturation of George Willard Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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