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Biological Anthropology (Growth and Maturation) - Essay Example

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The current diversity of human beings is in part but not completely due to the ongoing evolution which has resulted in fluctuating gene frequencies in various breeding populations. However, the environment where in any human being grows up and matures is programmed to influence…
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Biological Anthropology (Growth and Maturation)
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Extract of sample "Biological Anthropology (Growth and Maturation)"

Download file to see previous pages A more thorough examination could show that a propensity towards obesity is determined by genes, but genes alone cannot bring about the entire change.
Moreover, the environment where in we subsist has been greatly transformed by culture (Hanson, 1981). How much we eat and even what we eat depends quite insignificantly upon the naturally arising food sources in the locality. Most people depend upon the availability of food at the grocery store, their food preferences, and their available money to buy food. These are cultural forces.
The argument of this essay is that biological anthropologists has constantly studied comprehensively and rigorously traits that are readily observable, in this case body proportions, with the intention of proving that the environment influenced them less or possibly not at all. It has been quite simple to remove environmental factors in studying bodily proportions, but not at all simple to identify their form of inheritance in a majority of cases. Understanding the genotype from a relatively forced phenotype is more complicated when biological anthropologists take into account other features of bodily and facial appearance wherein the current diversity of human beings is evident. The capacity of the environment to modify the activities of those genes which set up the possibilities for human growth and maturation is well-documented. But the way in which they do so and level of environmental alteration are not practically quite well-known or understood hence it is important for academics to study this area of human evolution thru the lens of biological anthropology.
This study will attempt to verify the argument put forth by initially discussing the theoretical perspective underlying it, which is the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Model, and then analytical approaches and evidence on the subject matter will be identified and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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