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The Development from Child to Adolescent - Dissertation Example

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In the paper “The Development from Child to Adolescent” the author explains the six different concepts to describe the development from child to adolescent. The nature vs. nurture argument highlights the importance that family, society, and education…
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The Development from Child to Adolescent
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Extract of sample "The Development from Child to Adolescent"

Download file to see previous pages The intellectual assets are a combination of the gene expression in the individual physical structure, brain, nervous system and general body health. The debate on the importance of education, positive family or community support systems, and social resources all relate to the stages of body development from infancy into puberty and the specific types of thinking that are developed in personality, also as related to the emotional imprinting.
The psychological development must also be recognized as being unique in the different stages of human growth, and this has been recognized in Western psychology primarily since Rousseau. The nature vs. nurture argument has a broader application in behaviorist conditioning, Freudian neurosis, or the DSM related psychological disorders as they arise through conditioning, genetics, and other factors.
Social assets relate to the nurture arguments and sociology, social psychology and other fields of analysis that relate the family, community, cultural, and structural support of the human individual in the growth cycle.
Continuity can be seen in the steady progression of growth proceeding physiologically, as well as the development of complex knowledge systems such as science, math, arts, literature, and language. Continuity is part of the education process and growth patterns until adulthood and elderly stages.
Discontinuity relates to the abrupt appearance of language, a physical movement like walking, running, driving, sexuality, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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