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The Activist by Renee Gladman - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor; Course Date: "The Activist" by Renee Galdman The book is a well scripted book that is written when a revolution is taking centre stage. There is a group of people who are protesting due to lack of leadership. Apparently they are protesting due to lack of leadership within their circle…
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The Activist by Renee Gladman
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Extract of sample "The Activist by Renee Gladman"

Download file to see previous pages The journalist is drawn in tales that is pitted against activists and politicians. The journalist of the book discovers that being an activist is quite a risky affair. The reason is that it involves a lot of courage that is required to fight for a particular cause. There are questions that can be asked when one is reading the book. One reading the book would ask what the cause of the book is all about. The challenge that one would find is that it would be quite difficult to discern the cause. An example of a challenge is whether a bridge has been destroyed and bombed or not. These are some of the questions that would for sure confuse readers. The book has got both hilarious and haunting mixes of news reports, confessions, dreams and internal monologues. The author has got a lot of poetic considerations and political satire. There also exist a certain contract between the society and the people, cities and the people and finally between someone’s sense of one self and the sense of the other person. At the centre stage of the book is the controversial bridge. The bridge is known as the J. Gifford Bridge. According to the governments account about the bridge in the book, The Activist, it claims that it was blown up by activists. In another account, scientist claim that the bridge was not blown up but it did not actually exist. The group of scientists contented that the bridge was actually blown up and that it did not exist but it was it was only a crossing point. The activists refused to talk in normal terms but in codified terms. One of the government’s agents complained that, “In response to the activists’ refusal to communicate in codified terms, one government agent complains,” From the book, language acts as a barrier that people are ready to cross. What it does is that it fails to connect people in many aspects. The reason why language acts as a barrier is that people never know what to say and that it does not connect people in one way or another. People fail in expression because they find that they tend to talk a lot of talk to each non-sense when they are speaking to each other. In the book, the maps went blank, and in addition to it, we also find that infrastructure was also attacked or it never existed before. When these circumstances present themselves, we find that people really fear for their lives. It also evident from the book that people is that they cling onto political movements. The reason is that they feel safe within these outfits and that they also craft slogans when they are within these outfits. There are primary fears that people have within the book (Krupskaya 89). The fears could be physical, psychological and political. This is the reason as to why people cling onto political outfits so that they can be able to avert these fears. One thing that one realises when reading the book is that he or she becomes engrossed when reading the book. The reason is that the book is written a particular style and structure. The author’s mode of writing is one that is quite precise and is strangely optimistic. These are some of the few things that people will pick when they go about reading the book. In the book, there were three men who were questioned about their political affiliations. There were men or demonstrators who were at the bridge and there was ringleader. The name of the ringleader was called Alonso Mendoza. He was being looked for and they could not find him at any point in time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Activist by Renee Gladman Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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