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Gendering Social Work - Essay Example

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The paper “Gendering Social Work” will analyze what sexism is, identify its privilege on young men and women between the age group of 16 to 18 years old, including the movements that focus on women, define and understand the concept of “feminism”…
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Gendering Social Work
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Download file to see previous pages Divide the students into two groups: (1) male students; and (2) female students. Before starting the group activity, call on the female students and instruct them to actively participate in the group discussion. Inform the female students to keep on talking while the male student(s) participate in the group discussion.
Without mentioning the main purpose and objectives of this activity, the group of young men and women will be asked to read “Jazz ’03 Proudly Salutes Women in Jazz“. After allowing the students to read the article for 20 minutes, breaking the male privilege exercise will start by rarely calling on the male students to participate in the group discussion throughout the exercise. In case one or two male students is called to participate in the group discussion, make sure that each one of the male student will be given only a limited time to talk.
During the last 15 minutes of the entire activity, start an open-discussion with the students regarding how they personally felt during the group discussion specifically on how the male students were given the chance to participate in the group discussion versus the female counterpart. For this particular question, take note which group complains more than the other group. As soon as the proctor receives a comment from each student, it is necessary to write down the comment of each student on the board. This will allow the students and the proctor to have a better analysis on how the group discussion went. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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