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Why is Harry Potter literature so controversial - Research Paper Example

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The Harry Potter series has faced many literature controversies over the duration of the past fourteen years and though many view the book series to be a magical and wonderful adventure, owing to the cultural and literary impacts the book has made, it faces such controversies. …
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Why is Harry Potter literature so controversial
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Download file to see previous pages The books have helped in culminating the habit of reading into the minds of young children is a massive manner. In this advanced era of games and internet the series of the harry potter books have made the children realize the joys of reading. The books have kindled the reading interests of children worldwide and introduced children into the joys of reading. But the Harry Potter series faces controversies on religious fronts and a few of the books in the series are not considered appropriate for children from all age groups. Religious aspect The book has been challenged on religious fronts and it has been removed from the shelf of school libraries giving this as a reason. According to the American Library Association, it featured amongst the most challenged books in 1999 owing to the book’s focus on witch craft and wizardry. According to Berit “the Harry Potter book series are confusing for the kids, as Christianity clashes with witch craft and the series teaches an earth centered spirituality which is alike the witch craft religion spreading in San Fransicso” (Berit, 2011). ...
As the book opposes the religious teachings of Christianity due to the fantasy it promotes making use of witch craft and wizardry it is facing such controversies. The Harry Potter series though is based on a world of fantasy similar to the Narnia books affects the mind of young readers in a manner not considered good by most Christians. Harry Potter seems very much a reality to most children and the occult practices seem enticing to them as well, leading staunch believers of Christianity to oppose the book series. Parents are concerned with the book series owing to the graphic content and a few believe it is anti-Christian in nature. The Harry Potter book series has been translated into 43 languages and seventy five million copies of the book have been sold so far. Most children are attracted to the practices of the occult so widely portrayed in the books and Philip argues that “children who are enticed and fascinated by the fantasy magical world portrayed by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter books could possible venture into the world of occult in real life also” (Philip, 2003). As the minds of young children are easily affected by such attractive concepts many parents consider the books unacceptable. But making use of supernatural concepts is only a writer’s prop and it can in no manner attract children into occult practices. There are many quotes from the book which are considered to be dark like in the fifth book demontors the soul suckers are explained in great detail and such evil characters are not things suitable for the minds of young children. But according to Foster “the evil aspects described in the books are similar to those portrayed in the Bible” (Foster, 2004). The children cannot be kept from the evils of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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