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The Phenomena Associated With Dyslexia - Literature review Example

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This literature review discusses dyslexia that remains one of the most common learning disabilities, which can cause problems in reading and writing. The children affected with this condition show difficulty in learning and give poor results academically…
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The Phenomena Associated With Dyslexia
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Extract of sample "The Phenomena Associated With Dyslexia"

Download file to see previous pages As the mental faculties of an infant develop with age, there are a series of patterns and methods through which he learns to process the information he is presented with. All of his senses are important in creating an accurate picture of his surroundings and in creating adequate responses accordingly. Cognitive and affective developments ensue, with visual and auditory recognition patterns. It is the same time that the brain of the child is developing itself to effectively modify itself with the information it is being presented with. In the normal child, these milestones of mental as well as physical development are carried out at specific ages and time frames, signaling correct processing in brain development. However, in children with learning difficulties, there may be many problems in the developmental pattern and in achieving the milestones. A child’s brain may not be accurately receiving the various sensory stimuli, or the brain may be inadequate to correctly interpret the information presented to it. In both cases, the net result with different variations is a deviance from the normal learning patterns observable in a child. The most helpful tool in identifying these problems is the delayed milestones, or slow speed of a child in speaking, learning, or physically developing. The child may not be able to interpret the information presented to him as accurately as a normal child. The school and home are therefore the most likely places where any of such changes can be observed. A child may be a slow learner, or may not be able to give proper concentration to the subject matter. He or she may display reading, phonation and spelling difficulties, and may show a poor academic record. Such children may, in turn, be marginalized due to their weaknesses, and complex psychological issues may develop. These changes can leave a very strong mark, and reversing the effects of these events may not be completely successful. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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