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 This essay discusses that education sector has often taken the centre stage, with concerned persons, groups and institutions advocating for inclusive education for children with Specific Learning Difficulties. One of the areas of disabilities that the society has had to contend with is dyslexia. …
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Specific Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia
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Download file to see previous pages In understanding the relationship, it is also imperative to define social construction. As documented by Burr (1995), social construction is advanced by the social constructionist theory, which is a sociological theory that describes how the objects of consciousness or social phenomenon thrive in the social contexts. Thus, when dyslexia is described as a subject of social construction, it implies it is simply an attribute of contingent aspects of social perceptions, as opposed to the attributes that are possessed by Dyslexia. Social constructionism notions can be earthed based on reality because it is often biased form reality. It is as a result of stance that assumed and which takes knowledge for granted (Lamond & Wiseman n.d).As far as social construction processes and marginalization process is concerned, Bourdieu proposes that behaviours and patterns of human behaviours, as well as groups of people can be predicted because they tend to assume a certain trend. These assume a social structure that is hegemonic in nature. Consequently, certain groups of people or individuals become limited by such social structures. Another perspective of relevance regarding social construction is that perspective advanced by Foucault. Foucault theorizes that there are various notions that are considered to be worthwhile or that which represents the truth. In the real sense, such notions are only social constructed and function to constrain their effectiveness and inconvenience, other people.   other people. As far as Dyslexia is concerned, these views can be hardly disputed. They are a representation of reality in the events that play in areas of contact by the dyslexia people. It has also been evidenced in other areas such as those that touch on masculinity, as evidenced in Davies (2008) and genders issues (Skelton and Francis, 2009; Skelton, 2010).
What is Dyslexia?
To begin with, according to British Dyslexia Association (2013), dyslexia is defined as condition characterized by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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