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Specific Learning Difficulties - Essay Example

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Primary school teachers have always taught children who represent a wide range of abilities, achievements and experiences. However it is only in recent years we have begun to witness increased compassion and understanding emerging towards children's individual needs.
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Specific Learning Difficulties
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Download file to see previous pages Specific learning difficulty means that there are particular learning difficulties, which affect certain cognitive skills such as memory, sequencing or perception, rather than a general learning difficulty that affects most aspects of learning. Specific Learning Difficulties may include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and ADHD etc.
Current perspectives are geared towards fostering primary school teachers' confidence. It is essential that all primary school teachers are effective in their ability to manage a diverse range of abilities and needs within the primary classroom. Success in this area is particularly prosperous in schools where staff works together in unison, adopting a team approach. It is vital to have a designated person within a school, which teachers are able to approach for support and advice when they encounter diversity in the classroom for which they feel they are not adequately prepared. Although there is a range of in-service training available, which fosters professional development, primary school teachers only usually receive training in the area they have curriculum responsibility for. Therefore the majority of teacher's may be inadequately prepared for the vast range of learning diversity encountered within the primary classroom.
To assess the suitability of current perspective...
Therefore the majority of teacher's may be inadequately prepared for the vast range of learning diversity encountered within the primary classroom.
To assess the suitability of current perspectives, it is important to define the term 'Special Educational Needs'. This is a very difficult area to define. Warnock (1982) states that 'the concept of 'special need' carries a fake objectivity. For one of the main, indeed almost overwhelming, difficulties is to decide whose needs are special, and what 'special' means'.
Firstly it is important to note that when Warnock introduced the term 'special educational needs', it was envisaged that this was something that the child may have at certain times, and in some areas more than others. It was never meant to be a way of attaching a label to a child, more a recognition that a child may need additional support in some areas. Nerveless, although it was introduced with good intentions, the tendency can often be to label children rather than needs.
Special needs terminology is in debate because of reasons such as this. Solity (1991) has argued that the term 'special educational needs', 'actively encourages discriminatory practices', of which separate seating arrangements, being withdrawn from lessons in the mainstream classroom and being given token work are just some common practices.
Recently we have encountered current debates, which argue for and against integration. There is a push towards all children being educated in mainstream schools. However whether this is good or bad depends on a variety of factors, for example, resources available, school ethos and staff training.
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