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Edgar Allan Poe - Essay Example

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This essay describes and analyses works of a great American author Edgar Allan Poe, who is best known for his unique tales of mystery and macabre but more notably he is often credited with influencing what is currently considered the science fiction genre…
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Edgar Allan Poe
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Extract of sample "Edgar Allan Poe"

Download file to see previous pages Poe followed Descartes in pursuing a basis of certainty in the face of this condition of doubt, and he sought that certainty in the same place: in the clarity and conviction of the human mind. (Folks, 57). In other words, it seems as though Poe was most interested in the workings of the human mind and it would seem that as he tried to understand and define human reason, it always led him to dark, criminal and selfish revelations about the human condition. Poe’s work ‘The Tell Tale Heart” exemplified this bleak outlook at the human condition. He determined that men are typically selfish and look to satisfy their own ego and in the case of this work “the hero becomes a divided subject that can see what's wrong, or understand the concepts of universal right and wrong through the eyes of the other, and yet he remains blind to his sins.” (Wing-chi Ki, 25). In this story, the narrator claims to be sane even after murdering an old man. This sanity is proven by the calculated precision that goes into dismembering the body and carefully hiding it under the floorboards. The interesting theme in the story is that the narrator is never concerned with proving innocence, but only with proving sanity. “In Poe's stories, Ego-Evil stands out because his hero's frame of mind is utterly corrupt at its root: the villain can recognize his deviance through the other; however, his self-perception is adamantly immune to the notion of right or wrong.” (Wing-chi Ki, 26). It is even more noteworthy that Poe is not attempting to find solutions or logic to this side of human nature. He accepts its existence. “The Tell-Tale Heart offers no solution to terminate Ego-Evil.” Wing-chi Ki, 36). It is this pessimistic reality that permeates most...
This paper describes life and work of a famous American writer, editor, and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe. Poe's life itself was unusual as he was orphaned at a young age as his mother died and his father abandoned the family and no family ever officially adopted him. Forced to make his own way, he focused on writing though his life was continually marred by difficulty as his wife died of tuberculosis. These tragic events in his life may have influenced his literary style and it is fitting that even his own death is shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The styles and themes of his writing are primarily a dismal view of the human condition. Though some consider his writings to reveal insanity, Poe is actually portraying the darker side of man which he believes to be the real identity of most individuals who are driven by selfishness and ego. His style is not one unrealistic horror, but rather a realistic horror he believed to exist within every individual. Poe’s style is likely also to have been influenced by drugs as “Poe, mourning the death of his beloved Virginia, undertakes a set of increasingly frantic and hallucinatory peregrinations, revisiting the locales of his luckless career.
The success of Edgar Allan Poe can be measured in the number of imitators some of whom claim to be channeling Poe’s spirit when writing. However, Poe’s dark and sometimes vulgar approach also gains criticism from others and may prevent him from earning the respect his writings and influences warrant. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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