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On Edgar Allan Poe and His Works - Research Paper Example

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Your paper should be making an argument and must have a thesis. What is it you want to say about your author and his work now that you have read more texts and assessed the critical material that’s been written? How does your research fit into some of the issues we’ve discussed about the writers of this time?…
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Research Paper on Edgar Allan Poe and His Works
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Extract of sample "On Edgar Allan Poe and His Works"

Download file to see previous pages These contributions from Poe were compounded by his efforts as a literature critic making him more famous for his critique than his literary contributions as a poet and as an author. Other than Poe’s direct contributions to literature in his era, his influence on upcoming writers and poets is obvious as generations of literati have traced their inspiration to Poe. This text will explore a few works from Poe in order to delineate his place in the overall literati scenario of his era in order to establish his significance in the literary canon. 2. Poe as a Poet Poe started out as a poet with the publication of his 40 page collection of poetry entitled Tamerlane and Other Poems but this volume failed to garner any public attention. The publisher printed only 50 copies of this book and overall this work failed to create any stir in the literary circles (Meyers). As indicated later by Poe, one of the chief reasons that these poems failed was their long sizes which failed to keep the reader’s attention in place. Over time Poe adapted a literary style that focused on creating shorter poems and in 1831 he published another volume of poems better known as Poems only. This edition contained the longer poems Tamerlane and Al Aaraaf as well as six new shorter poems such as Romance, To Helen, Israfel and The City in the Sea. This volume represents an overall shift in the poetic strategy of Poe although the themes in use remained predominantly the same. During this early era Poe’s poetry is based largely on romantic myths as well as pastoral and poetic ideals that rest on “dreams” and “memories” of a pristine paradise known better as Eden. These poems can also be seen to encompass the themes of beauty, innocence, joy, love, harmony between mind and nature as well as contentment of the soul with God (Hecker). However over time Poe delved into other themes such a death, finality, silence, darkness and other Gothic instruments which coincided with shifts in his overall literary interest. 3. Poe as a Gothic Fiction Writer Poe’s claim to fame came through his works of Gothic fiction (Meyers) representing a genre that Poe helped to bolster and revolutionize. Gothic fiction did exist before Poe but it was not as highly regarded as the dominant literary circles saw man as a positive creature. It has generally been assumed that Poe undertook the Gothic fiction genre in order to appease public taste and to exploit commercial success (Royot). However it seems as if Poe’s personal interest shifted over to Gothic ideology because most of Poe’s other work including his poetry represents a Gothic transformation after one point in time in the 1840’s. Even if it were to be assumed that Poe undertook Gothic fiction in order to gain commercial success, there would still have been small pieces of fiction or poetry from Poe that would display other themes reflecting his personal interests. The dearth of such materials indicates that Poe underwent a radical transformation in ideology to adopt Gothic literature. The most common themes in Poe’s work of Gothic fiction are dark and gloomy and hover around the issue of death. Most of Poe’s works of Gothic fiction explore questions of death as well as the physical signs of death along with the effects of decomposition on the human body after death. Other works also include the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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