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Deportation at Breakfast by Larry Fondation - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses short story ‘Deportation at Breakfast’. It tackles the characters, the settings, and a basic definition of each element. It also touches on different insights about the story and gives an explanation to each…
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Deportation at Breakfast by Larry Fondation
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Extract of sample "Deportation at Breakfast by Larry Fondation"

This research will begin with the setting of the short story ‘Deportation at Breakfast’. It is one early morning, before 7:30 at a diner. The diner is described as a homey one, not greasy, unlike other diners, and seems to be a family-run. With the good ambiance of the diner and its affordable rates, which is illustrated as having toasted bread, an egg, and potatoes for a dollar, it offers a great deal. A man, who looks for a nice place to have his breakfast comes to the diner and ordered his meal at the counter. The main character who happens to be the narrator as well seems to be a nice person. Instead of occupying a nice and comfortable table at the diner, he sits at the counter, leaving the tables for those who will need a bigger space. Fondation depicts that the main character, unnamed, is a considerate guy. Although there are a lot of tables unoccupied at the diner, due to the time of the day, he chooses to take the counter’s seat to have his breakfast. The time of the day is portrayed as before 7:30, which explains why only a few customers are at the diner. Two tables are occupied by the older men and two older women at the other. The restaurant seems to be a good accommodation to the elders since it seems to become their hangout. “When the main character orders his breakfast, choosing the $1.49, the breakfast special, at the counter that is being manned by a short guy with mustache and youthful beard, not thicker than stubble, he notices a name stitched on the upper uniform of the cook dressed in white – Javier”. Fondation does an excellent job of portraying a migrant in the story to the readers. Not too long after Javier starts preparing the main character’s breakfast, cops arrive at the diner and arrest Javier. The latter silently come with the police to their vehicle without being noticed by the customers at the diner, except for the main character. The atmosphere at the diner is illustrated to be a homey one on an ordinary day with some extraordinary event that transpires. Javier’s exit at the diner is unnoticed by the customers, which can be supported by an explanation that the customers are too busy with their breakfast and their company, making them not noticing what’s happening around them. It can also be said that Javier’s character is timid, or that he is scared because he is guilty of something, so he just surrenders quietly, leaving the diner and the main character’s breakfast in the oven. “Although it is not mentioned in the story about the charges Javier has nor anything from the cops, it is only up to the readers what to think about the scenario. Although an illustration is clearly stated in the title ‘Deportation’, which give the reader a clue of what the story is about; it is also supported by the description of the author of Javier – a migrant”. After Javier has been taken by the cops, the main character is depicted about being confused about what to do since he is starting to smell his breakfast being overcooked. Although still unsure of what to do, he proceeds to the back of the counter and takes his breakfast, unburned. Most people might just leave the diner and look for somewhere else to have their breakfast. However, the main character has actively participated and has dealt with the present situation and takes control of it. He is illustrated as a nice and considerate guy who cares about other people. Although it is his first time to be a cook at a diner, he still goes on with it and delivers well. Not too long after he takes his omelet from the stove, the two older women approach him and pay their orders. He is not sure of what breakfast they ordered. “The two women wonder that he forgets easily. The author maybe is trying to put an irony to the scenario at the counter with the two women paying because they forget that the main character is not the person whom they have placed their orders from. This scenario can also be a support to the fact that the two women are not aware of what is happening around them” The main character holds his composure well enough for the two women not to notice that it is his first time to do the job. He computes the orders basing the process from the chalkboard and does a good job at it. Right after the two ladies have gone outside the diner, a group of people comes in, and one asks if the tables can be put together since they are just one party. “Even if he is not aware of the rules at the dinner, he immediately makes a decision, taking control of everything and answers, ‘Yes!’ The group places their orders, and the main character realizes what a tough job it is to be running the diner alone. He is a little amazed that Javier does it alone. He even thinks that if he owns the place, he would have placed a sign outside of a need for an assistant. Nevertheless, the main character does a pretty good job for a first timer”. The author tries to imply what normally happens when a migrant is staying illegally in the US. This happens to be a common thing since a lot of people come to the US even if they have not processed their papers yet. Usually, Mexicans are likely to this due to their access to the US soil because of their proximity to the US. In the story, it is not mentioned if Javier owns the diner, but it is illustrated that the diner seems to be a family-run. If this is true, Javier is facing serious charges. Just the fact that he is an illegal migrant in the US, it is already a serious case that would lead to deportation. The more if he owns the diner since it is not easy to own a business in the US even if the person is a citizen. Read More
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