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Animal Farm by George Orwell - Book Report/Review Example

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The book review on "Animal Farm" by George Orwell presents the plot of the book in a nutshell, the main idea of which is that the animals take part in the revolution with the hope of achievement of a better life and a secure future but their dreams are not fulfilled…
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Animal Farm by George Orwell
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"Animal Farm by George Orwell"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the pigs also start behaving and walking like humans and they openly declare their superiority to other animals.
Snowball is a very dedicated pig who wishes to see the animals prosper. He devises the plan for a windmill so that the animals can progress and move ahead. The animals are devoted to him but the greed for power drives Napoleon to secretly work against Snowball. He opposes his plans and uses his force of dogs to drive Snowball away from the farm. He then opts for corrupt ways and distorts the original dream that was seen by Old Manor for the farm. Squealer and the other pigs side with Napoleon and manipulate the thinking of other animals to justify the actions of Napoleon. Boxer is a horse who is a greatly dedicated worker of the farm. He does not think about the achievement of power but works sincerely for the good of the farm and puts in his hard work without any greed for reward. The other animals tend to remain silent and passive to the occurrences on the farm and some of them are so naïve that they do understand the strategies of Napoleon and become easily misguided.
The story revolves around the theme of corruption and signifies the occurrences in the world. It highlights the failure of the communist thinking. This is clearly indicated by the fact that all the animals fight against humans for equality but the desire for power leads to corruption. This results in the deviation from the original cause and the animals who govern the farm mark themselves as superior to the other animals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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