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Animal Farm and Fascism - Essay Example

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The author uses animals to narrate the political scenario that abrupt during the Russian revolution. In this book he tries to explain his political views by targeting communism and fascism…
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Animal Farm and Fascism
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Animal Farm and Fascism

Download file to see previous pages... During the times when the lower sector was going through wrong reasoning also the vanguard party suffered. (Ball pg 167) likewise in the novel, as the farms tracts down to a more totalitarian form of state, Napoleon becoming the leader kicks out Snowball by power and force becoming "our leader, Comrade Napoleon" (Orwell pg 93). This way the novel is showing Stalins way of communist governance, where power lies with the one in leadership. Also the way Napoleon rooted out Snowball is similar to Stalins behavior towards Trotsky and his other political rivals.
Fascism also requires a very bold, strong and courageous leader. An example of such great fascist leader is Hitler and Mussolini. The way people in Italy had this firm faith that Mussolini was always correct. In the same way Boxer believed that Napoleon was always justified throughout the novel (Ball pg 201). In the course of the novel Napoleon is given a lot of importance. He is the leader, the head of the entire farm. He is always protected by furious dogs. Therefore it clearly shows that animals idolize him as noble and superior. This is also one of the similarities regarding the two ideologies in the book.
Terror and propaganda are used in the novel to show Stalins communist and fascist ideologies together. Stalin tried to impose the era of terror in which purges were used. He also used arts to increase interstate propaganda (ball0 pg 166-167). This was also used by fascist states like Hitler made use of brown-shirts and defined characteristics of inferior races (Ball pg 204-205). Squealer used digits to manipulate the animals in order to convince them that they were in a better state by having pigs as their leaders. Also Napoleon kicks Snowball out before he executed in general masses other traitors (Orwell pg 53; 83). It is not easy to clearly differentiate between fascism or communism when it comes to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animal Farms Parallelism to Russian Revolution

The author states that the powerful message emerging from the novel is that, as Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus write, “one is driven to the cynical thought that men are decent only when they are powerless”. Whatever Orwell seriously wrote since 1936 were in one way or other connected with his dislike of totalitarianism.

6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Contemporary Relevance of the Novel Animal Farm

The author states that the story compares to the story of the developing world. Most of the developing world faced colonialism, an era that oppressed the people. The people decided to rise against the colonial powers and drove them out of their nations. The people were enthusiastic that better days were on the way.

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Animal Farm
In this regard, the conduct of various characters in the Animal Farm differs; For example, Snowball, Napoleon and Squeler succeed boar in the leadership, but later disagree due the differences in leadership roles as well as greed for power. This essay seeks to present an evaluation of ethics by different characters in the book; specifically Consequentialism (Consequences), Deotology (Motivation) and Virtue theory taking into account individual, culture and Universal levels of justice.
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Animal Farm
The novel makes use of animals that represent the various faces of individuals present during the cold war. Ideally, the uprise witnessed in the animal farm by the animals is an illustration of the revolt against the Russian communist ideology. However, the novel presents a contradicting side of the animals in the farm as they had the ability to participate in decision making by way of voting.
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Although it should not be understood by the reader that this author is attempting in any way to gloss over the horrors, racism, violence, brutality, and aggression that fascism necessarily leads to, the following analysis will seek to differentiate and define some of the key differentials that existed within European fascism.
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Is Animal Farm produced for the sake of art
One of the written forms, through which the author will reflect all his/ hers’ system influenced thought process is the novel. From early centuries,
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Animal Farm
Another strategy used by him is to overload the animals with work so that they cannot plan any uprising against his rule. Throughout
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While ordinary dictatorships seek to control the nation on the grounds of political power, Fascism seeks to control a nation for nationalistic ideals. Also, while
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Animal Farm
Snowball shared a position of leadership with Napoleon but the two rarely agreed. This is because snowball was a good speaker making him to gain a lot of support from other animals compared to Napoleon. Napoleon claimed that all the ideas that
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Animal Farm 2
The whole concept of animalism is to portray communalism. The Manor Farm in fact represents Russia. The farmer Mr. Jones represents the
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