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Animal Farm 2 - Essay Example

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The plot of the novel resembles with the Russian Revolution of 1917. The term ‘animalism’ has become almost specific to Orwell’s portrayal of communist society through the characters of animals. The novel has…
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Animal Farm 2
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"Animal Farm 2"

Download file to see previous pages Animalism is used to represent other characters such as Old Major to represent Vladimir Lenin, while Napoleon represents Stalin and dogs act as his police force. The horse named Boxer represents the working class of the Russian society. The plot represents the tragedy of the revolution that ended up in failure. The animalistic utopia revolves around this violent revolution that the animals carry out. What sets this novel apart is intelligence in telling the story of revolution from inception to conclusion through respecting the limitations that humans and animals face.
The term animalism is reminiscent of communism. The formation of a complete system/pattern and the following revolution closely represents the real pattern. Squealer, Napoleon and Snowball transform old Major’s ideas into reality. Later squealer and Napoleon start acting like humans as they drink alcohol, sleep in beds and start trading. All of these activities were originally prohibited in the seven Commandments. Squealer modifies the seven Commandments so that such activities can find their ‘legitimate’ place, similar to what happened during the Russian Revolution.
A direct reference exists to the Soviet government’s plan of revising history so they can plant those seeds of thoughts that they deem fit. The formation and reference of seven Commandments directly enacts the communist approach. For instance the seven commandments hold that anything that walks on two legs is a foe. On the contrary a creature that walks on four legs or flaps its wings is part of the community.
The seven Commandments also prohibit certain traits that separate them from humans. No animal is allowed to wear clothes, sleep in a bed or consume alcohol. Any indulgence in such activities would compromise the distinctive boundaries. The sixth and seventh commandments are there to support the social structure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animal farm
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Animal Farm
The novel makes use of animals that represent the various faces of individuals present during the cold war. Ideally, the uprise witnessed in the animal farm by the animals is an illustration of the revolt against the Russian communist ideology. However, the novel presents a contradicting side of the animals in the farm as they had the ability to participate in decision making by way of voting.
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In this regard, the conduct of various characters in the Animal Farm differs; For example, Snowball, Napoleon and Squeler succeed boar in the leadership, but later disagree due the differences in leadership roles as well as greed for power. This essay seeks to present an evaluation of ethics by different characters in the book; specifically Consequentialism (Consequences), Deotology (Motivation) and Virtue theory taking into account individual, culture and Universal levels of justice.
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Animal Farm
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