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The theme of this paper “Animal Farm’s Parallelism to Russian Revolution” is a comparative study of the events and the characters in Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution in order to highlight the book’s parallelism to the revolution. To understand the parallelism it is imperative first to have a brief look at why George Orwell wrote Animal Farm…
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Animal Farms Parallelism to Russian Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages Each character and idea given in Animal Farm serves as a metaphor for the persons and ideas in the Russian evolution. The animal spirit behind the revolution in the novel is animalism which stands for communism. This spirit originates from Old Major, a pig, which was happy to have completed a long life. Before he dies he imparts what he gained as experience and knowledge from his long association with human beings to his fellow animals. The essence of his advice is “remember always your duty of enmity towards Man and all his ways. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes on four legs, or has wings, is a friend” (Orwell). Old major is a metaphor for Karl Marx and Lenin. He creates the ideas needed for animalism and with his powerful vocabulary he injects the spirit of animalism into other animals. This is how the novel begins. Before the revolution the animals had been living in Manor Farm owned by Mr. Jones. When Old Major dies his ardent disciples, Napoleon and Snowball, come forward to lead the animals for a revolution after waiting for an appropriate chance. Jones is overthrown and the name of Manor Farm is changed into Animal Farm. Snowball represents Leo Trotsky and Napoleon stands for Joseph Stalin. Napoleon is selfish, shrewd, and cowardly. His selfishness finally leads to the totalitarian regime in Animal Farm. Snowball, on the other hand, is more intelligent, and is original. His fate is that of Trotsky, as he is exiled from the farm by Napoleon. With these two pig leaders., paralleling the situations in Russia, Orwell weaves marvelous situations in the novel to parody the way totalitarianism was established in Russia. As Donald E. Polgin remarks, “The metaphor of a farm revolution goes wrong when certain of the pigs manipulate the democratic process” (Donald, 191). Napoleon manipulates the process in Animal Farm in order to consolidate power and it leads to the totalitarianism in the farm.
A major event in the novel at the beginning is the Battle of Cowshed. It represents the battle of the Tsarist forces against the Bolsheviks. It is in this battle the contrast between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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