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Is Animal Farm produced for the sake of art - Essay Example

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That ‘seeding’ of thought could be initiated or influenced by the ‘system’, in which the author lives or lived. The author observing the ‘environment’, happenings, culture,…
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Is Animal Farm produced for the sake of art
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Download file to see previous pages These ‘system’ or real events influenced novels could be categorized into two types; in the first type, the setting and scenes could be an exact replica of the real life happenings. In the second type, different sentences, characters, settings, etc come in to give a new interpretation, but at the same time based on the same real life happenings. In both the cases, there will be little scope for artistic leanings. This paper will look at one such novel, Animal Farm which was based on the real life happenings, and not produced for the sake of art. So, this paper will focus on the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell, analyzing how the characters particularly Squealer was influenced, and had clear parallels with the Soviet rulers, diplomats and even media, and is not an artistic work.
George Orwell, pseudonym for Eric Arthur Blair, was a famous English author, journalist and a political commentator. He became a well-known author mainly due to his two political anti-totalitarian works, Animal Farm and 1984. Both of which were written towards the end of his life. His shift in focus to political novels particularly anti totalitarian and pro-democratic socialist novels was an intentional one, influenced by the political climate of his period. So, Animal Farm published in 1945, is a cautionary tale against totalitarianism. “Russian régime must almost certainly be hostile to any revolution in the West” (Orwell).
Cautionary tale in the sense, totalitarianism was not taken head on by Orwell instead he takes poke at totalitarianism through the main characters of the novel. The totalitarian regime in Soviet Union under Stalin was one of the main influences for George Orwell while writing Animal Farm. Even though, there have been no recorded evidence of Orwell visiting Soviet Union, he based all the details in the novel from the Soviet Union he knew, read, heard, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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