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Animal Products From Cloned Animals in the Food Production-Consumption Industry - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes one of the most beneficial effects of cloning that would be to answer to the global food shortage. Animal cloning will provide worldwide countries with an answer to the deficit in food production for cloning allows more production of animals such as chickens, cattle, sheep and boars…
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Animal Products From Cloned Animals in the Food Production-Consumption Industry
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Extract of sample "Animal Products From Cloned Animals in the Food Production-Consumption Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Food production, of course, should have corresponding safety to ensure that mankind will not suffer from the technologically based production of foods from animal products. There are differing and contrasting debates regarding the safety of the food products from scientifically cloned animals versus the conventionally and naturally produced animals. One published article cited that animal products from cloned animals do not pose food safety risks compared to conventional livestock produced animals (Prigg). But safety standards will have to be established well since the use of cloned animals is just on the verge of introduction in to the mainstream food market and will be flooded with multiple reactions from consumers worldwide based on issues people heard about the animal cloning controversy even without in the depth knowledge of what is really going on. On the same context, animal cloning is deemed good on the view that it will give producers and consumers the highest quality of animal products. Cloning provides producers with the option of having the best quality of animal products since cloning can produce offspring animals with the suited traits for animal product production (DeLancey et al.). Cloning gives the best produce of the best animal offspring since the cloned animal is from well-selected donor animals with the favourable characteristics or traits giving a highly qualified breed and stock for products. For example, a cloned pig from donors with the characteristic of having more lean meat rather than fat will produce the same quality from donor animals and meets the best quality for meat products, thus having the best chance of being sold and utilized. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Animal Products From Cloned Animals in the Food Production-Consumption Research Paper.
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