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Animal Experimentation - Research Paper Example

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Abdulaziz Alzahrani (Aziz) EAP 150 Dr. Sara Schwab December 3rd, 2013 Animal Experimentation During the second century, Galen, a Greek physician known as the father of vivisection, conducted one of the early experiments on animals when he digested a pig to describe the spinal cord and the brain functions…
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Animal Experimentation
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"Animal Experimentation"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, The use of animals in scientific experiments increased dramatically especially after the discovery of anesthetics in mid-nineteenth century; the number of non-human animals used in scientific investigations in UK alone increased from one million per year in early nineteenth century to exceed five millions per year in the 1970s. This huge increase in the use of animals for research purposes was paralleled with an increase in the resistance and oppositions to animal testing. The animal testing controversy involves three sides; a group that is in favor of using animals for medical research debating that human superiority to animals justifies the use of animals in experiments. On the other hand, there is group of people who opposes the use of animals in experiments for ethical concerns. Obviously, both of these two sides are extreme; we cannot allow animals to suffer just based on the proponent’s claim nor can we stop animal tests due to the fact that it would stop humans from advancing in medical fields. This controversy resulted in new laws and regulations such as, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that limits the number of animals that should be tested and the level of pain an animal can endure. Although, of course, experimenting on animals should be regulated, discontinuing this practice must never happen since it would negatively impact the advancement in the medical fields which will affect both humans’ race and non-human animals. The anti- animal testing movement argues that animals have the same rights as humans and therefore we should not be carrying out experiments on them. Tom Regan, a professor at the North Carolina University, argues that animals have similar emotions to our emotional beings, and considering them inferior species is similar to racism. According to Charles Darwin, best known as the father of evolution, humans are different from other species in “degree” not in “kind”. Thus Regan believes that “speciesism” which points to the view that the specie that we belong to is superior to other species is the same as racism and sexism. Furthermore, the response that we would get if we ask ourselves what gives us the right to carry experiments on animal for our benefits would be that we humans are more intelligent than other animals. But what about the case of infants or some mentally disabled patients, wouldn’t there be some animals that are more intelligent in comparison to these two examples? So, animals that are less intelligent than humans shall not be tested for human benefits unless we are ready to scarify some of our specie members. Similar to the philosophy of human rights which state that all people should be treated equally, animal rights as well demand that all animals should be equally treated, which prevent the harm of individuals to benefits other(). Humans as well as other animals experience life, and their rights to live and treated equally should not be ignored. Why should animals be the victims of enduring harmful and procedural experiments that would yield benefits that are mostly useful for humans? The answer to this question is the fact there is not many alternative, and only animals are qualified for carrying out medical experiments. The limitation of sources to gain essential information is the reason why animals are used in experiments; there are no computers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should animal be used for scientific experiment
Frequently picking up some kind of product we do not even ponder over the fact, which reveals methods of testing that many companies use. It is not a secret that before being launched a lot of goods that we prefer to purchase are tried out on animals. Currently there are a big number of articles, books and videos that are available in the Internet, telling publicity about animal experimentations.
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Can animal experimentation be justified
These are controversies circulating around animal experimentation. In 2009, Dixon delineates justifications from the pros and cons groups. The pros argued that animal experimentation results in an important medical breakthrough that will reduce human suffering and death; a good example of this is the experimentation on mice regarding the role of penicillin in fighting bacterial infections (Paul, 4).
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Animal Experimentation
Animal Experimentation. The issue of animal testing draws some strong sentiments aimed at the benefits and demerits of the practice. For this reason, this paper aims at examining the available attitudes relating to animal testing and the measure that should be taken to treat animals humanely.
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Animal Testing and Rgihts
Vivisection has been around the times of Gaelen in the Common Era and formed the basis of empirical research in medicine. Animal vivisection, according to some researchers, is of extreme importance to us because it assists in finding cures for diseases and study chemical interactions in cells etc.
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Animal testing on cosmetics
Many alternatives have been supported by the anti-test supporters including computer simulation model but they have been declined due to their inability to calculate all the variables that show up when an animal is used. As shown below there are many reasons why animal testing is still a practice more so in the cosmetic field in spite the criticism.
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Animal Rights
Some of those who are against animal-testing argue that those animals which possess consciousness and a certain level of rational capability should have the right
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Animal Cruelty
All these forms of cruelty are completely unethical. We remember that we should not kill and be cruel to each other, but still offend weaker
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Animal Research
One of the main focuses of the organization is to prevent use of the animals in conducting scientific experiments (Varner, 2010). Many scientific experiments are conducted on animals before
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Animal testing
Advancement in such vital sectors of the modern society as health arises from the success of animal testing. Before introducing any drug in the market for human use, medical researchers try such drugs on various animals
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Animal Cruelty
According to the report animals are used the world over by scientists in their efforts at developing new medicines and testing both efficacy and safety of their medicines. In majority of the experiments, animals have to suffer excruciating pains while at the same time their quality of life is significantly affected in the negative.  
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