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Rhetorical Analysis: Animal Experimentation Science or a sorry Excuse for Medicine By Megan Dunford - Essay Example

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Thesis topic: Are there alternatives that can replace animal testing as a source of data in regard to scientific and medical studies and advancements? Are these methods as competent as animal testing or even better/ Are people justified to be against animal testing?
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Rhetorical Analysis: Animal Experimentation Science or a sorry Excuse for Medicine By Megan Dunford
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical Analysis: Animal Experimentation Science or a sorry Excuse for Medicine By Megan Dunford"

Download file to see previous pages From the arguments presented the author is clearly taking a stand against animal experimentation on medical and scientific fronts. This article is more or less directly aimed at those who still don’t see the harm in animal experimentation. In my opinion, I think Megan has ignored some very important aspects of animal experimentation, for instance in the past scientific discovery was not that advanced and they had to work with what was available.
In this case she should have brought out her argument in such a way that not only cruel but outdated to be precise. She also ignores the discoveries that have been made through animal testing. For example, the effects of vitamin E on improving fertility. This test was 1st tested on rats and was successful. This brings in the fact that her articles topic gives the impression of exploring both approaches that is for and against animal experimentation but instead it focuses on arguments against animal experimentation.
The author establishes his moral character and knowledge of the subject right from the first paragraph. She first starts by stating her case: animals are being cruelly treated, then she gives reasons for saying so and finally clearly states ‘Animal testing is both unethical and unnecessary and needs to be illegal in the United States of America.’ She is not two sided about her position. This is seen by how she does not then go ahead to give examples of successful scientific endeavors that used animal testing as their main way of gathering data. She then goes on to assert her credibility by giving examples of highly regarded persons in society who have the same stand as hers, in this case, professionals like doctors, scientists and elite members of the public. She also gives examples from history of persons who opted to use other procedures to carry out their scientific work that does not involve torture of animals.
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