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Animal Experimentation - Essay Example

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The issue of animal testing draws some strong sentiments aimed at the benefits and demerits of the practice. For this reason, this paper aims at examining the available attitudes relating to animal testing and the measure that should be taken to treat animals humanely…
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Animal Experimentation
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"Animal Experimentation"

Download file to see previous pages Animal testing should be conducted following its immense health benefits towards humans in relation to assisting preterm babies and children. In this light, animal experiments have helped to come up with a solution to ensure that preterm babies survive despite their weak bodies and health. This is due to experiments conducted on lambs using steroids that have proved the strengthening properties of steroids on their lungs. For this reason, animal testing gives hope to parents of such babies by giving them an opportunity to increase their child’s chances of survival. These tests on animals show the influence of corticosteroids on the young and weak, breathing system of animals involved, lamb, and sheep, by speeding up the rate of development. In children, it has thus, saved lives by developing surfactants for babies that cannot develop on their own. Studies due to the same experiments have even improved the chances of survival for children born to mothers who received doses of corticosteroids, as opposed to those that did not. It is for this reason that animal testing should be done, sustained, and supported. In addition, animal testing should be conducted for the discoveries it has advanced towards treatment of most of the world’s known diseases and conditions. In light of this, scientists make use of animals to develop new cures and treatments for conditions such as hypertension. This is done using venom from highly poisonous snakes, all in an attempt to improve the quality of life for humans and improve longevity. The use of venom in this case is because of accidental discoveries and not direct experiments on animals to determine the potential. This is following collapsing of banana workers after potent bites from certain snake breeds, which resulted in drastic fall, in their blood pressure. Animal experiments have helped improve human life by alleviating suffering and certain ailments from their lives. This creates a strong basis for the progression of animal testing. In addition, animal testing has helped create treatments for cancer, in the form of therapy to alleviate human suffering from the condition. Concerning this, animal testing has helped saved lives by using animals in experiments to test how humans are likely to respond to certain treatment measures and conditions. As a result, it saves a lot of time that would have been spent in testing the drugs and treatment conventionally and getting approval. Instead, I believe that these animal help to alleviate this dilemma by ensuring that medication and other forms of treatment availed to humans are suitable for their wellbeing, or at least not harmful to the least effect. This is as opposed to direct treatments and therapies that may see humans lose their lives due to strong after-effects of treatments and therapies. This is case especially for cancer treatments, in which therapies are first tried with animals before advancing to humans for more tests. Moreover, animal tests assist in production of medication that cannot be produced synthetically, as was the case for early insulin for diabetics. In this light, insulin was derived from animals to regulate glucose levels in the blood stream and keep diabetes in check. Animal tests also help in the development of vaccines to fend off diseases and pathogens off the human body and sustain good health. However, in spite of all the benefits that animal testing is known to have, there are people of the contrary opinion on the use of animals for experiments aimed at improving human life. For this reason, they believe that the experiments should not be conducted as they are a selfish means for humans to increase their longevity, while exterminating other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should animal be used for experimentation
After using these animals in experimentation, these animals are euthanized through intravenous injection with either a high dosage of sodium thiopental1, isoflurane2, or pentobarbital3. To shorten the painful death of animals used in experimentation, these two types of drugs could make the animals fall unconscious followed by a cardiac arrest.
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Can animal experimentation be justified
These are controversies circulating around animal experimentation. In 2009, Dixon delineates justifications from the pros and cons groups. The pros argued that animal experimentation results in an important medical breakthrough that will reduce human suffering and death; a good example of this is the experimentation on mice regarding the role of penicillin in fighting bacterial infections (Paul, 4).
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
An analysis of Animal Experimentation articles
The content of the two articles, focusing on two different sides of the animal experimentation debate, clearly highlight that the topic is a societal and moral issue instead of a problem. It is perhaps important to state however that due to the passionate support that this subject creates, wither side of the debate possibly see the opposition’s view as a problem.
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Should Animal Experimentation Be Permitted
Many have argued that it is against the rights of animals on the contrary others claim use of animals is more logical than use of humans. This paper will seek to clarify as to whether animal experimentation be permitted. Breakthroughs in treating spinal cord injuries, like practically all medical advances, depend upon experimentation on animal.
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Sexually-Abused Child Victims as Adult Sexual Offenders
According to the report child sexual abuse is defined here as the “forced or coerced sexual behavior imposed on a child,” or as “sexual activity between a child and a much older person whether or not obvious coercion is involved”. This definition includes the possibility that the child victim allows the sexual act because of manipulation or seduction of the adult.
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Animal Experimentation
In the 1620s, William Harvey, an English physician, conducted his well-known experiment on animals, which was considered later to be the first experiment to provide a full demonstration of blood circulation. The William Harvey’s experiment empowered the use of animals in medical investigation by showing the significance of vivisection in comparative physiological investigation ().
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Animal Experimentation
For example, they are used to test new drugs and medical procedures, which determine whether it is beneficial to humans, or harmful. Other uses include learning the harmful effects of a new product such as a cosmetic, food additive, or an insecticide. Some people believe that we have no right whatsoever to so mercilessly exploit other species for our own benefits.
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Why Animal Experimentation Should be Banned
According to the discussion with the help of many different animal species, science has made significant inroads into combating some major diseases. However, it has all been without the animals’ consent, and it has not been without significant cost to human lives as well as millions of animals’ lives.
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Rhetorical Analysis: Animal Experimentation Science or a sorry Excuse for Medicine By Megan Dunford
In this article she is set on exploring the position of animal activists ranging from professionals like doctors, scientists and
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Animal testing debate

The author states that there are strong ethical arguments against animal experimentation. A common example would be an illness given to laboratory mice in order to measure the effectiveness of a new drug. Animal experimentation has showed that it causes pain, suffering and lasting harm to the animals.

3 Pages(750 words)Essay
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