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Animal Experimentation in the United States - Literature review Example

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The goal of the following literature review "Animal Experimentation in the United States" is to argue the morality of animal experimentation practice. An author of the review will outline the points of both in support and against animal experimentation…
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Animal Experimentation in the United States
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Extract of sample "Animal Experimentation in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Of late, human beings have used animals in order to experiment with the research studies done for the betterment of mankind. This has been happening since science and technology advanced drastically and the reason for the same is that man believes that animals are the closest to giving out results which are more in line with the expected results if conducted on human beings in essence. (Author Unknown) The reason is also that no human life can be taken or put at risk but animal lives are usually taken because man’s life is much more precious and priceless at the same time. The advocates of animal experimentation and testing regimes suggest that it is the ultimate worth of human life that puts the whole experimentation strategy at risk and hence animals are chosen for the same purpose so as to give close results if not the precise ones. The issue of human rights seems to creep in if human beings are used as experiments and hence the researchers and animal experimentation masters think that it would be appropriate if animals are employed for this purpose. There is little debate if animals are used and litigation is also negligible in such cases, notwithstanding certain countries where animal killing and slaughtering for whichever intended purpose is not only forbidden but could also lead to fines, confinement and other punishments under the legal code of the land.
Animal experimentation and testing is not only cruel but is also considered a practice that leaves the whole exercise of testing with a bad taste in the mouth. Innocent animals are taken for hostage and they are cut down to pieces in the wake of finding drugs, remedies, and solutions for human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Animal Experimentation in the United States Literature review, n.d.)
Animal Experimentation in the United States Literature review.
(Animal Experimentation in the United States Literature Review)
Animal Experimentation in the United States Literature Review.
“Animal Experimentation in the United States Literature Review”.
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