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Animal Experimentation - Essay Example

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The practice of testing on animals goes back many centuries. In A.D 100's, a Greek physician Galen proved that veins carry blood and not air as it was previously believed. This event was recorded as the first known use of animals in medical research. Today, animals are still being experimented for a variety of reasons…
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Animal Experimentation

Download file to see previous pages... Others say that animal testing has been proved worthwhile and therefore should continue, but that new laws should be made in order to prevent cruelty to laboratory animals. This debate about the pros and cons of animal testing is one that elicits strong feelings often resulting in violence, threats, and hunger strikes. I personally believe that animal testing is wrong and that alternate ways should be devised for experimentation. (Mattingly, 1990)
No doubt animals have played a vital role in almost all advancements in medicine. Treatments for heart diseases are one example, including open-heart surgery. Perfection of kidney dialysis also occurred through animal experimentation. Recently, animals are being used to determine treatments for major diseases like Alzheimer's disease and AIDS; and if a cure were found, it would be a milestone in medical history. But there is a limit to everything, and there should be a limit to this. Several medical historians claim that clinical research, examination, and human autopsy were the main components in the chief discoveries of heart pathology, cancer, immunology, and psychology. We cannot say assuredly as to what really lead to treatments for the above-mentioned diseases. But we have proof that laboratory animals are treated in an extremely cruel way with having to undergo excruciating pain. It high time people consider them as living beings too. (Anderegg, 2006), (King, 2007)
Regarding the credibility of animal testing, it has not always shown promise in every aspect, often leading to a series of unfortunate events. For example, in 1963, a relation had been formed between lung cancer and cigarette smoking, but every method to cause lung cancer in animals had failed. Due to the long span of fifty years spent on this research, the lung cancer-smoking theory lost its validity and health warnings on cigarette packs appeared much later than they should have been, causing a lot of deaths by lung cancer. Another example is the relation of asbestos with cancer, and yet another one is the relation of alcohol with cirrhosis. Many other advancements were prolonged due to misleading information from animal testing. An extremely important one is the vaccine for polio, which was developed wrongly in a monkey cell culture and then later corrected in human cell culture. (Anderegg, 2006)
Furthermore, due to differences in animal and human models, experts only tested parts that resembled those of humans without paying any heed to the overall anatomical, physiological and pathological variations. Because diseases usually have body-wide effects, these tests did not always appear to be reliable. (Anderegg, 2006)
In addition, animal experimentation has uncovered a large range of lethal nonhuman viruses, which have caused several deaths in the laboratory along with a few outbreaks. Moreover, gene therapy in animals to produce human proteins, and their transfer into humans exposes them to dangerous pathogens. (Anderegg, 2006)
Taking an ethical view of this subject, I consider animal testing immoral, cruel, and unnecessary. Animals are no lesser creatures when it comes to emotions, especially suffering pain. Hence, even the idea of subjecting helpless animals to extreme pain and unnecessary death is inappropriate. (King, 2007). The reason that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should animal be used for experimentation
After using these animals in experimentation, these animals are euthanized through intravenous injection with either a high dosage of sodium thiopental1, isoflurane2, or pentobarbital3. To shorten the painful death of animals used in experimentation, these two types of drugs could make the animals fall unconscious followed by a cardiac arrest.
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Can animal experimentation be justified
These are controversies circulating around animal experimentation. In 2009, Dixon delineates justifications from the pros and cons groups. The pros argued that animal experimentation results in an important medical breakthrough that will reduce human suffering and death; a good example of this is the experimentation on mice regarding the role of penicillin in fighting bacterial infections (Paul, 4).
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An analysis of Animal Experimentation articles
The content of the two articles, focusing on two different sides of the animal experimentation debate, clearly highlight that the topic is a societal and moral issue instead of a problem. It is perhaps important to state however that due to the passionate support that this subject creates, wither side of the debate possibly see the opposition’s view as a problem.
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Should Animal Experimentation Be Permitted
Many have argued that it is against the rights of animals on the contrary others claim use of animals is more logical than use of humans. This paper will seek to clarify as to whether animal experimentation be permitted. Breakthroughs in treating spinal cord injuries, like practically all medical advances, depend upon experimentation on animal.
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Animal Experimentation
Animal Experimentation. The issue of animal testing draws some strong sentiments aimed at the benefits and demerits of the practice. For this reason, this paper aims at examining the available attitudes relating to animal testing and the measure that should be taken to treat animals humanely.
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Animal Experimentation
In the 1620s, William Harvey, an English physician, conducted his well-known experiment on animals, which was considered later to be the first experiment to provide a full demonstration of blood circulation. The William Harvey’s experiment empowered the use of animals in medical investigation by showing the significance of vivisection in comparative physiological investigation ().
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While law enforcement or other government agencies may respond to an attack, it is incumbent upon the corporation to provide their own private security. Cyber attacks may be directed at institutions such as banks and financial institutions where criminals gain access to money and bank accounts.
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Why Animal Experimentation Should be Banned
According to the discussion with the help of many different animal species, science has made significant inroads into combating some major diseases. However, it has all been without the animals’ consent, and it has not been without significant cost to human lives as well as millions of animals’ lives.
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Rhetorical Analysis: Animal Experimentation Science or a sorry Excuse for Medicine By Megan Dunford
In this article she is set on exploring the position of animal activists ranging from professionals like doctors, scientists and
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Animal testing debate

The author states that there are strong ethical arguments against animal experimentation. A common example would be an illness given to laboratory mice in order to measure the effectiveness of a new drug. Animal experimentation has showed that it causes pain, suffering and lasting harm to the animals.

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