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How is the Future portrayed in the novels, WE by Zamyatin and 1984 by Orwell And What do the authors warn us against - Research Paper Example

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There is a loss of sexual freedom and there is a loss of thought freedom. In both of these novels, the government is central and wants to control the…
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How is the Future portrayed in the novels, WE by Zamyatin and 1984 by Orwell And What do the authors warn us against

Download file to see previous pages... well and Zamyatin didnt actually believe was going to happen, but they both feared that the societies of the world would be going down those roads, so they wrote their dystopian novels about this. There are a variety of things that Orwell was warning us in his novel, and these themes are reflected in We. One is that there should not be a country that is too powerful, because that reduces the freedom of the citizenry. Related to this is the warning about tyranny – if the government is too powerful, then it represses its citizens. Repression and censorship, which comes when a government is tyrannical, is another warning that Orwell sounds, and, with this, comes sexual repression. This essay will be structured in the following ways – first, the concept that a government may become too powerful will be examined, by looking at how this is portrayed in each of the novels. This really is the central tenet of each of the novels, because a government that is too powerful is one that will react like the governments do in each of these novels.
First, Orwell seems to be cautioning against the idea that any one country could become too powerful. The slogan in the future was “War is Peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” (Orwell 26). The implication in the novel is that there are three super states that are at perpetual war with one another (Williams 12). That said, although some might misinterpret the novel as being against socialism or communism, in that, during this period of time, the Soviet Union was still a super power, therefore could be construed as being one of the superstates in the novel, Williams (12) states that this was not what was intended – rather, he did intend this to be an attack on a centralised economy in general. It was a full perversion of the centralised government that went beyond what was happening in the Soviet Union during this time. As with everything else in this novel, he took the concept of centralised government to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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George Orwell's 1984
These issues will be discussed. II. The Criticism of Totalitarian Ideals One of the major ideas that this novel takes head-on is the fact that totalitarian governments are inherently evil and ultimately misleading. “[The novel] 1984… remains useful in warning of the consequences of totalitarianism.”1 Everyone knows that governments which are still totalitarian—such as in the case of China—have horrible human rights records.
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