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Video games could be considered as an Art - Essay Example

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Video Games: An Art Video Games: An Art There has always been a debate on the question: “Do video games qualify as an art?” among video game admirers. And just recently the United States government’s National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announced its official recognition of video games, along with other forms of media content made for internet and mobile technologies, as art; putting an end to the long prevailing debate…
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Video games could be considered as an Art
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Download file to see previous pages His writing caused people which include the gaming theorist and enthusiasts to write articles as negative replies to his writing. (Smuts, 2005). This is also a question whose answer has been pondered upon by many interested game theorists. So they compared the non-video gaming forms of culture with today’s video gaming forms in order to find resemblance. There are three resemblances that have been found: 1. Narratological: This category includes video games that are considered as a new form of narratives and text. 2. Ludological: This category includes all video games that are a digital version of old games. 3. Interactive fiction: This category includes video games with fictive characteristics of previous types. However, researches and gaming experts could not come up with any exact definition of video gaming or gaming in general. If we compare the defining of video gaming with the defining of art, there we find certain similarities. In order to define art, there has been a lot of struggle on the part of philosophers who came out with definitions each time experiencing doubts. Defining art by the representational theory which means that anything that represents and is a mirror of reality is an art, a video game also represents virtual reality; hence video gaming is a form of art. (Tavinor, 2009, p. 16). How Can Video Game Be an Art? As aforementioned, the question about whether video games being art has been a subject of a long lasting debate. According to many major theories of art, video games should be considered as art. (Mack, 2011). Film theorists found the relationship between cinema, photography and the theatre; similarly, video games can be scrutinized in order to find certain characteristics that match the characteristics of any art form. Investigating the closeness of video games to animation and digital cinema which are art forms can help define video games as an art. There are some game enthusiasts who argue that video games are not an art just like some film makers. Hence, anything said about video games becomes a controversial statement. Theorists, who defined video games under the category of Ludological, argue that video games are a form of play and should not be considered as an art form. Whereas theorists who defined games under the category of Narratological, they argue that video games if are made more narrative in form can make their artistic potentials visible to the world. Currently, games have obtained a highly narrative form which takes about twenty hours to be completed by the player.(Bissell, 2010). Observing the last ten years, we can see an influence between films and video games. We can see that many games are based on the story of many films and they have the characters similar to the characters in the films with the same names and personalities. Examples of such games would be James Bond 007 and Final Fantasy, which are movies as well as a game on the Play Station console. These are highly narrative driven games and are also known as Role Playing Games (RPGs). These games are very complex in comparison to games like Pacman and the like. RPGs are created to be close to a film like, that is, they also have cinematic features like cut-scenes at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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