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Video game - Essay Example

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In gaining a competitive edge, the companies dealing with video games are bringing new features such as dimensional games that are fast…
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Video game
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Download file to see previous pages The effect on the young adult will largely depend on the intensity of addiction to video games and the levels of violence contained in such games. The paper notes that video games are good despite the few problems.
Young adults may become socially isolated once they start dwelling on games every time they are not occupied with chores or studies. Teenagers may become so used to video games that they may end up forgetting some of the important schooling aspects such as homework, reading and sporting activities that make them physically and mentally fit. Time spent with family and friends would be minimal while at the same time it is not possible to them to replace their offline time in engaging with people. Rather, such time is replaced with getting used to online games on mobile devices to a point that being a loner if, not regarded as a norm by gamers.
Games shape the minds of those playing; be it violence and aggressive thoughts associated with the game or fast moving cars and the adrenaline that comes with speed (Anderson, Gentile & Buckley, 2007). Violent games can be said to be directly related to the increased aggressive thoughts of gamers and a violent nature in real life. Games are interactive in nature, and some have the aim of rewarding violence which is dangerous if translated directly in real life. The gamer is in control of the violence using gamepads that make them feel powerful whereas in real life this is not the case. The gamer also has the chance to experience the violence first hand such as killings, shooting, stabbing and shooting which are considered as a vice but an achievement in the game.
Other video games have the tendency of teaching teenage gamers the wrong values such as violent behavior, aggression and vengeance that are rewarded in the game (Anderson, Gentile & Buckley, 2007). Situations that are used in real life such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Game Violence

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Violent video game of the participant and resulting in many conflict situations. Andrea Norcia, The Impact of Video Games. Journal of Adolescence, 27, 5-22. In this article Andrea Norcia explains that though video games are a unique form of entertainment, yet it has detrimental effects on the players by forcing them to become an indelible part of the play script. The playing of video games by children has more negative impact than positive ones. From a positive point of view, playing such games improves the manual dexterity and computer literacy of the players, but from a negative angle, it encourages young children and teens to...
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Video Game Violence

...Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics have concluded that video games provoke violence and aggression among the children and youth who play them. Besides this, many social scientists prove an even greater impact of video games due to the following four reasons: 1. children are more likely to imitate the actions of a character with whom they identify. In violent games the player is often a shooter or perpetrator; 2. video games by their nature require active participation rather than passive observation; 3. repetition increases learning. If the game is violent, the great deal of repetition has...
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Video Game Popularity

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Video Game Research

..., the more the likelihood of that person adopting an aggressive behaviour. The games thus positively influence the person to adopt an aggressive behaviour similar to that portrayed in the games. However, if the relationship between the amount of time spent while playing video games and academic achievement is negative, then the conclusion is that video games do not influence the academic performance of a person in any way. Bias in experimental studies affects the results of the experiment and subsequently the results. Sampling bias is the wrong choice of the group to put under study. If the group to be studied has very different characteristics from other groups, this is likely to affect the results (LeFrancois, 2011). Therefore...
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The Home Video Game

... is a one centaury old video game company in Japan. Before diversifying into the video game business, Nintendo had built up a card playing business. Nintendo Company is located in Kyoto and is managed by Yamauchi family. It started diversifying into the video game business in the 1970s. Nintendo acquired a video game technology license from Magnavox. The company introduced a home video game system in Japan in 1977. The game was based on the technology which played a Pong variation. Later, in 1978, Nintendo started selling coin-operated video games. Nintendo encountered a first hit with Donkey Kong, a company designed by Sigeru Miyamoto (Hill 20). Capabilities and competitive advantage that led to Nintendo’s success in the home game industry...
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Video Game Violence

...are progressively becoming more ferocious and explicit as well as more prevalent, additional research is needed regarding the effects on the impressionable minds of those that play them and illuminate to parents the risks associated with these games. This discussion examines the myriad of effects violent video games have on all youths including the direct effects on boys and the unintended consequences for girls. Infamous events have generated extensive debate regarding the effects of video game violence. For example, a nationwide conversation ensued regarding what connection video games had to the 1999 Columbine...
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