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Computer Games and Christianity - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay describes Computer Games and Christianity. It can be summarized that the interaction between Christian virtues, a way of life and the computer games are rather stable. At the same time games create the moral issues in both spiritual and in material level…
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Computer Games and Christianity
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Download file to see previous pages Computer games also teach mercy and forgiveness, as literally, no one can predict when the internet would collapse and all the team would lose – thanks to the one who has turned out to be offline. And to the one that will still remain the ally and a friend, despite being faulted. Games also influence the evolution of the certain reflexes of the human body and brain that also can cause no harm to the Christian. Games, in the end, influence the progress and this fact end up in saving dozens of life. Still, there are aspects that are unacceptable from the religious point of view. The first one is harming one’s conscience with the inappropriate information that may end up in spoiling the personality and accepting the morbid behavior and beliefs. The second is the game addiction that may correspond to the sin of sloth as a person literally does nothing efficient and spends her life for no good. Thus the assumption of the world depends on the type of the game and its plot. Video games create the possibility for cross-cultural exchange, scientific progress, and self-improvement. At the same time games create the moral issues in both spiritual and in material level and make it difficult to recognize between good and inappropriate. Online games are directly bound with the different cultural aspects of both real life, films, books, in each of the life spheres and this is their main cultural aspect, as a binding matter between both cultures, religions styles and people around the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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