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Date Sociology My family has significantly influenced my way of life right from the beginning and has made me make several decisions that have been directly influenced by them. My family has influenced the food I love most since it is one kind that has often been cooked since I was young…
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Download file to see previous pages He would ask me to call one or two of my friends so that he can talk to us and advice and us on where to have fun. My father was so much friendly and loving. He was so much responsible that he could go to visit my friend’s parents to perhaps know and understand the kind of people they are and if it is appropriate to be their son’s or daughter’s friends. My father has therefore influenced me in choosing my friends and so far I have never regretted. I have always studied my friends as I was advised by my father. So far, I have had few disappointments in my relationship with my friends and this has largely been contributed by my father. My parents have been very supportive both financially and emotionally. They have influenced my sister and I on how we perceive life and the society. I have had soft spot to less fortunate people in the society probably because of the way I see my parents treat other people who are less privileged in life. My father has managed to sponsor at least two people to college whose parents struggle to pay bills. He usually gives financial support to less privileged individuals. Most of the time I have had instances where I provide even a little financial support to my friends and strangers regardless of their financial status as long as I know they are in dire need for money. I have been able to advice my friends on how they should overcome their troubles whether emotional or financial by just being able to listen to my father talk and advice people. In fact most of the people I hang around with have ever wondered the level of intelligence I have especially the ability of solving diverse challenges and even consoling people who have had quarrels or issues amongst themselves. One of my best friends once told me that I would be the best person to solve international wrangles between the western world and the Arab nations. My parents have made me believe in myself and my ability in solving problems. They have ever congratulated me on a few things such as advising them on where to put a particular picture or what to invest in as a family. In fact, only two years ago, I advised my dad to open a grocery shop in the neighborhood and there is no day the shop has made loss. The shop has flourished and the family has employed at least three people to handle the increasing number of customers. My family consists of very strong Christian background and I ever believed that Christianity is the best religion in the earth. Church attendance is one thing I consider most important and I do believe in life after death as Christians do. My mum has always advised me to be humble and act as Jesus Christ especially when I am dealing with other people. Not once has she asked me to ensure I am a good listener most of the time I communicate to people irrespective of their age and size. This has really made me what I am today. I always intend to be keen on what people say as I avoid interference while I communicate with people. I love reading bible especially proverbs which greatly influences my life in different ways. I have usually believed that God is real and that prayer is the best weapon to solve life challenges. My parents have constantly engaged me in family prayers most of the time. In fact, I treat people equally irrespective of their race, culture and ethnicity. I do believe that people are all equal before God because they were created in God’s own image. Education is vital in solving life’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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